What can we do about computer crime?

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Along with the potential for the misuse of personal information stored in computer databases, there are a number of areas where there is potential for criminal activity related to the use of computers what can we do about computer crime?

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What can we do about computer crime?


I admit computer crime have a wide range nowadays, Internet is affected by many computer crimes.

In Philippines, they submit a law regarding this internet crimes,  this is the E-Commerce Law at the year 2000, they passed quickly the law regarding the "I LOVE YOU" virus or Love bug outbreak in almost all the computers. Imagine the law passed only after the virus already infected the computers, and to discover that this is not a crime because there's not a law that govern this malware infections.

As for me now, every country must submit their own law regarding this matter, as for individuals, we may need to be safe everyday, install an anti-virus, make use of a firewall, do not open nor reply spam emails, don't reveal or post confidential information about yourself online and lastly just visit those who are reputable websites.

Hope this will help you.

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What can we do about computer crime?



Computer crime simply refers to the crimes that are associated with use of computers or networks.  There are several occurrences where computer crimes can be done.  These include the following;

·         Manipulation of computer records

·         Accessing programs and modifying them without permission from the author.

·         Pirating of the software programs.

·         When a programmer writes and edits computer viruses and spreads them to other computers.

·         Creation and illegal distribution of pornographic materials

·         Stealing of computer materials in whichever manner.

·         Slicing which may involve maliciously stealing of money in small amounts that cannot be easily realised.

·         Performing of spamming wherever the regulations have been set.

Hope this helps


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What can we do about computer crime?


Hello Julius,

   This is probably a good question as majority of people today has become a victim of Computer Crime. But there are specific set of instructions in order to avoid it.

Let me go ahead and share some tips with you:-

1- First of all make sure you have an effective secure antivirus program ie- Norton, Mcaffe, Kaspersky or similar other and that you update it regularly and scan your system at regular intervals.

2- Firewall Protection of your Computer is designed to stop intruders entering your computer system so always turn it ON.

3- Make sure your password is strong with special characters like #@ etc and should be more than 6 letters.

4- Avoid providing personal information over websites, especially those websites where you don't deal much often and those who demand social security number or bank details.

5- Last but not the least make sure you do online shopping from a trusted and a secure website by checking their security certificate.

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