System doesn’t boot in Safe mode

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My computer is facing Anti Virus Security Pro issues. Whenever I try to boot my system in SAFE mode and enter my login details, it reboots again. What possible can be done to handle this issue? Please help

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System doesn’t boot in Safe mode


Hello Aldo,
Antivirus Security Pro is a computer virus that is extremely harmful to your computer. itis capable of rendering your computer useless and corrupted. Its motive is to make you believe that you computer was in high risk by displaying alleged, unwanted threats that are not totally true.
To deal with issue, you can follow these steps.
Almost no programs will open – but HTML help should.
1.) Bring up the prompt by tapping Windows "R".
2.) Write "hh h" and Enter.
3.) There is a question mark in the top-left corner, Right-Click > Select the "Jump to URL.." from the list.
4.) Write in "" and click enter.
5.) Click "Save". Remember to have it into an easy-to-access location like like a folder, root or in your desktop. Open it after that and then extract it's files.
6.) Double check the listed files to run them until a command prompt comes up and stays on the screen.
7.) Once a DOS prompt is up and the file is in the process of killing it you are pretty much done.  Just follow the prompts until MBAM launches and finishes it off. 
8.) When the final scan completes you should have a minimum of infected files located.  Select "Show Results" then delete the infected files.
9.) Then Restart your computer unit and taste the victory.
Then install a good anti-virus for you computer unit. You can use McAfee Internet Security or any more better antivirus software.

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