PCI Sound Card Incompatible with Win XP Pro

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My Elite MoBO has a complex multichannel audio output capability which is beyond my comprehension (or interest). I bought a PCI sound card to replace it and this works fine for my purposes–streaming radio, system sounds and the like.

However, it is a rickety thing–very often minor activity causes loss of access and a check in Sounds and Audio will show no audio device detected. I then uninstall the driver for the PCI card, shut down and reboot and the sound is back until the next problem (which has been as simple as changing the volume control on my speakers.)

I know the driver is older than XP Pro and there is no on-line driver available for this CMi8738/C3D device. I could buy a new, later-model card, but quickly get into trouble with incompatibility with XPPro because of the Gates backward-compatibility conundrum.

Any ideas how to circumvent the "you must "upgrade" imperative"?

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PCI Sound Card Incompatible with Win XP Pro


Good day,

I would like to help you on your problem regarding the sound card issues, May I ask if your pci sound card is a 4 channel or 6 channel sound card? For the PCI sound card 4 channel I do have experiences that its bundle driver causes the device to be unstable, the driver would be installed and the device would be working properly but if you restart or turn off your PC the driver would be gone and you have to do it again the driver installation all over again.

I would suggest to take the 6 channel because the driver is reliable. Another solution is try to return it back to the shop where you purchased it and asked them if the have a copy for the driver of the device or let them test the device if its working properly those kind of items have a 1 year warranty (same in my work). It is so hard to find the drivers for those devices even if you try searching for online. I hope I somehow help you.


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PCI Sound Card Incompatible with Win XP Pro



  • You didn’t search the web well, I’ve search the web and find the driver that you need. Here is the link
  • Just run the installation to update your sound card driver, or much better if you uninstall your current driver restart and run the installation for your sound card.
  • If you think that this is not what you looking for, then go to this site and look for the driver for your sound card.

This site never fails me all the drivers I want is here, just create a free account, and you can now look for your sound card driver.

Good luck.

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