What is the system32 file??

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In Windows operating system, in every version I have operated. Till now I haven't seen the System32 file. What is this?  Why this is named like this, why the "32" is given in the file name?  What is it's job?  I have seen that if I delete this file, the system fails. Why? Why is this file is so important and if the file affected by any Virus what happens? Is there any way to repair this file? And is there any way to replace this file if it's deleted?

What should I do if the system32 file becomes corrupted? Is there any difference between the system files of Windows XP and Windows Seven? Do they work same way? I have tried to understand the function of this file but can't fully understand what it really does. So someone tell me about this in detail so I can understand it clearly.

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What is the system32 file??


Dear Ntini,

Thanks for this amazing question. Well many people don’t know about the System32 file. Well, I was also in dark about this matter. But now I know what it is. So I’m sharing my knowledge with you. I will give all the answers to your question.

Q.1. What is this?

System 32 is a file that helps run your computer. System32 is a directory or a Folder which is required on every Microsoft Windows system. So you must have a System32 file in your computer if you're a Microsoft user.

Q.2. Why this is named like this, why the "32" is given in the file name?

It is called 32 since it’s a 32 bit system running in your computer. Since bits are calculated by multiplying it. For example it can be -2 or 4 or 6 or 32 or 64 like that.

Q.3. What is its job?

System 32 keeps important system data along with some non essential files like temporary files, games file etc.

Q.4. Location of the file?

Located in the folder C:WindowsSystem32, the file size may be 14,176 bytes

Q.5. If the file affected by any Virus or deleted what happens?

If the system 32 file is deleted somehow or virus affected, then your computer will crash. You will have to reinstall your operating system with 32 on 32 bit software.

Q.6. Is there any way to repair this file?

To repair this file, you need to give a Windows setup and from the beginning of the setup Select "r" at the first screen to start repair. Most of the time a setup repairs the System32 file.

Q.7. Is there any difference between the system files of Windows XP and Windows Seven? Do they work same way?

Well the thing is that both the Windows XP and Vista use the NTFS file system and System32 file system there are no differences between the two. And work as same.

Some of the basic information of System32 files are given below:

  • It is not a windows core file
  • It can hide itself
  • Monitors applications
  • Records inputs

It won’t cause any errors unless it is missing. Hope you got all your questions answered.

Thank you.

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What is the system32 file??


System32 is a directory that is a must on any Microsoft Windows system. Its subfolders contain the main Core operating system files for Windows installation. Its subfolders contains various files like system files (example- Hal.dll, Ntoskrnl.exe etc). Language files for a specific language, Signature file, Registry files, DHCP database files, DirectX files, Windows File Protection backup files, administrative templates and script files, Universal Plug and Play files, Windows Welcome files, Remote Storage Service (RSS) database, Web-based Enterprise Management data files. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is the Microsoft implementation of WBEM etc.

The DOS command prompt ("cmd.exe"), for instance, is located in the System32 folder; so is the Disk Defragmenter ("dfrg.exe"); the Event Viewer ("eventvwr.exe"); Windows Task Manager ("taskmgr.exe"); the Registry Editor ("regedt32.exe"); even the Freecell card game ("freecell.exe") is located in this folder. System32 is generally located in the C: drive under C:WindowsSystem32 or C:Winntsystem32. Several of the Windows system files, that you run in your computer are stored in the System32 directory. Also please note SYSTEM32.EXE is a virus, not to be confused with the SYSTEM32 folder in Windows.

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What is the system32 file??



Hi thanks for asking this vital question. No one doesn’t have clear knowledge about this file. These are the answers which you request.

This is a vital file which helps to run our PC although it consist the main components which means set of instructions called O/S to boot our PC. If the system 32 file gets corrupt you can download the exact file automatically from the internet and reuse it. Software also available to fix this problem. “Speedy Pc Pro” is the software will aid you to overcome through this problem.Finally the files contains 32, it means 32 bit operating system is mentioned by this number. Don’t confuse those. This is very easy to understand. I hope my help will be useful to you.

Thank you.

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