Grub Boot Loader option in Ubuntu

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I am using Redhat Linux in my one Laptop and in another laptop I am using Ubuntu.

Both have dual boot. In Redhat I can easily configure the Grub Boot Loader option for boot priority. But In Ubuntu, I couldn’t do this. I have found huge difference in redhat linux and ubuntu. I need to configure the Grub boot loader option in Ubuntu.

How can I do this???

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Grub Boot Loader option in Ubuntu


Hi there, for new user it is not recommended to change this kind of confidential and very impotent file. But I think you are not this kind of user. As you have another computer which running Red hat operating system. So I think you can try to do this. Here I am giving you very easy solution for solve your problem. First you need to install a little software called Startup Manager.

  • For install these please open your terminal or login as text mood with root user. Then write below command
  • # apt-get install startupmanager then press enter.
  • After finish Installation please open Startup-manager. Now you can see new window as below picture.
  • Now you set your boot priority as your own. Cheers


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Grub Boot Loader option in Ubuntu


Hello Novel001.

The first post couldn't have explained it any simpler.  It is that simple to set boot priority in Ubuntu without having to dive headfirst into the command line.  As an alternative to using grub to dual-boot your system, here's a way that you can use Windows Boot Manager in selecting which OS you want to boot.  All you'll need is a free tool called EasyBCD (

To set up dual-boot with EasyBCD 2.1 (the latest version as of this post), do the following:

  1. Boot up your PC to Windows and install then run EasyBCD 2.1.
  2. Press "Add Entry".  Click on "Linux/BSD" tab and set the Type as "GRUB2".
  3. Press "BCD Deployment" and click on the button beside "Install the Windows Vista/7 Bootloader to the MBR".
  4. Press "Write MBR".
  5. Restart your PC.  You will now see the Windows Boot Manager Screen with Windows 7 and Ubuntu as selections.

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