Kawa 1.11 fails when installing

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I just downloaded the kawa-1.11.tar.gz from a website, and when I ran the commands locally under ubuntu, it show some errors.
Command was :
gunzip kawa-1.11.tar.gz
tar xf kawa-1.11.tar
cd kawa-1.11
make check

It gives the following error:
make[1]: *** No rule to make target ‘jmc.expected’, needed by ‘check-jmc’. Astop

Someone help me to overcome this, is there any problems with my commands ?

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Kawa 1.11 fails when installing



Oh no the fact is that some plug-in are not available at your computer. These have to be downloaded from the LINUX site. However if you can download the plug-in, the program may not work for the specified OS with the configuration of your PC. Means that the PC configuration is not up to the mark for playing the game. In case the program is not usable then you can install the LINUX for which it may work and then try after downloading all the plug-in. Once started, you need to run the configuration manager for final settings to your system. Thanks.

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