Funny Error on my PIII computer

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Hello my friends at this forum.

Please don’t laugh or else I will become angry with you because the affected computer is Pentium III, running Windows 2000 PRO SP4 with 256MB of RAM. It’s not my fault, it is something done by Microsoft.

Today, I faced one of the funniest errors in history, while trying to install a trial pack of Office 2010.

The error says,

Error for Error

Error Error

An error occurred while displaying the previous error.

Although this is something funny, I'm still cautious about it, as I think something is wrong with my Windows error reporting system. This might be preventing Windows from telling me about the errors in future. So I want to solve it.

Your help is required for the same.


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Funny Error on my PIII computer


Sometimes Windows shows several funny messages. If you do a little research on the internet, you may find some other type of errors.

You said you PC configuration is a Pentium III, running Windows 2000 PRO SP4 with 256MB of RAM but forget to mention the processor's clock speed and you also did not mention the version or proper name of the Office suite you are using.

So assuming that you are using Office Home and Student 2010 version, it needs 500MHz processor speed, recommended RAM 512MB. And the most important thing, the minimum OS you need is Microsoft Windows XP SP 3 and you do not have this OS.

This is the reason why you cannot install Office 2010 in your PC. Lastly, my suggestion is forget about Office 2010 and try to install Microsoft Office 2002. This version is good for a PC with the above configuration.

Hope this worked for you .


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Funny Error on my PIII computer


That is one of the errors that you will not need to scratch your head over the pop-up error messages it brings, wondering how you are going to solve it for that will not be just a waste of time. They are just humorous errors that have created by some creative designers so as to make some of the errors that popped-up in windows funnier. What they did is that they edited the error messages and the interfaces for the windows of those errors so as to bring out the humor side of it.

So you can just close the error message and continue, or you can just ignore it and continue with the work that you are doing for there is not specific way that can be used to solve that.

-Clair Charles


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