Problem with halacpi.dll could not be loaded

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I am facing with these problems when I try to format my PC.

When I try to install Windows 2000 on my PC there comes up an error like this.

File halacpi.dll could not be loaded.
The error code is 7
Setup cannot continue. press any key to exit.

Please help me.

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Problem with halacpi.dll could not be loaded


When you encounter the “Error code 7”, most of the times it means there’s something wrong with one of your hardware or input/output devices, that is being used in the installation process. There are some things that you may want to check:

1. Windows Installation Disk – Inspect the physical surface of the CD, it might have dirt or scratches. You can try to wipe it with a soft cloth if it appears dirty and try the installation again.

2. CD ROM Drive settings – Try to change the jumper settings of the CD ROM Drive, if it is on master try to make it slave or vice versa.

3. Incorrect BIOS Settings – Reset your BIOS to its default settings before running the installation disk again.

4. A faulty IDE/SATA connection – Try replacing the cable first and see if works. If you are using your primary IDE/SATA slots, switch to use the secondary slots instead.

5. A defective Memory Module – You can try switching into another memory slot and see if it fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, it might be time for you to replace your memory module.

6. Hard Disk Drive problem – It is also possible that it’s time for you to replace your Hard disk drive with a new one.

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Problem with halacpi.dll could not be loaded


If you want to format your hard drive and install a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows, let Windows setup do the formatting for you. Don’t do it manually because setup will also prompt you to select which type of formatting to perform like whether you want a full format or a quick format.

If setup keeps throwing an error during installation, check if the setup CD you are using is working. Download CDCheck then check the readability of the setup CD. The program will show you which files are unreadable. Since it is on a CD, being unreadable doesn’t mean that the file or files are corrupt.

It’s possible that the disc is just dirty or the optical drive’s lens needs cleaning. Try cleaning the disc by washing the CD with a solution of water and baby shampoo. After washing, wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth. If this doesn’t work, try cleaning the drive’s lens. Cleaning the lens will allow the drive to read properly again.

If you have a DVD cleaner for your DVD player, you can use it to clean the lens of the optical drive. You can also just buy from a local computer store or buy it online like this one on Amazon: Maxell 190059 DVD Only Lens Cleaner. It costs $8.64. You can also buy this one on eBay: Maxell Cd-340 CD Lens Cleaner.

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