Firefox opens numerous windows upon launch

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Hi to all!

I was using Internet Explorer but got intrigued , because I saw my officemates using Firefox as their web browser. I downloaded Firefox 4.0.1. The download, installation and first day of usage went well. The next day, when I launched Firefox, it opened numerous windows. One time, it even reached 20+ blank web pages.

In the meantime, due to this situation, I did not use Firefox and returned to IE8. I am still willing to give Firefox a try, but how do I deal with this problem? I hope somebody will give me insights on the matter at hand. 


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Firefox opens numerous windows upon launch


Hi Jeremy!

You may have encountered a bug or may have to change some settings:

You can simply upgrade your Firefox to 5.0:

  • You can download that at the link given below
  • Or you may just click Help on the Menu Bar
  • Select Check for Updates.

Check the settings:

  • Click Tools in the Menu Bar
  • Select Options
  • Under the General tab, check if you have a URL added in the Home Page and if you have plenty of them.
  • If there are more than one, it may be the reason why there are multiple tabs opening at the start of Firefox.
  • Delete the others or change it to your preference.

Last Visited Websites

  • This will happen if you had opened plenty of tabs and Firefox did not close properly upon exit
  • Firefox will attempt to reopen those tabs in the next startup.

You may have Firefox not remember the history every time you want. This will avoid tabs being opened in case the browser did not close properly.

  • Click Tools in the Menu Bar
  • Select Options
  • Go to Privacy tab
  • Press the dropdown menu on the "Firefox will:"
  • Choose Never remember history
  • Alternatively, you can just put a check mark on "Clear history when Firefox closes"
  • OK

 The installation may have been corrupted. You may uninstall Firefox and install the latest version.

You may also use third party cleaners such as CCleaner that will help you delete the temporary internet files and cache.

If you clean your computer regularly or at least before using the internet or after using the computer, it will clear the temporary internet files and cache. These are what Firefox uses when trying to open the tabs that were used before.

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Firefox opens numerous windows upon launch


This error usually occurs when you configure Firefox as the program to use always for a particular action such as opening an application or launching application to send email. Let it just reset actions for all content type.

  • Open Firefox, press ALT + H to help tab,
  • Then select Troubleshooting Information,
  • Under Application Basics, click Open Containing Folder, a new window will appear and close Firefox browser.
  • On that new window, delete the file mimeTypes.rdf
  • Reopen Firefox.

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