How to remove the most visited site?

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Ariel is a teenager. He is fond of watching movies online and some of these are private ones. One day, he used his mom's personal computer, since his laptop was broken. Now, his problem is: he wanted to delete the site that he visited so that his mother wouldn't know what were the things he watched. How will he able to do it?

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How to remove the most visited site?


It is quite easy. Just follow the given steps:

1. Go to the Menu bar. Click on history.

2. Now click on show all history. A new window will appear.

3. Now on the left side of the menu, click on the today and it will show today history.

4. It will show the web pages according to time visited.

5. Select the page you want to remove and click on delete this page.

6. If you want to arrange them according to the number a page is viewed, click on view and select show columns and then click on visit count.

7. Now, they are arranged according to the number of visits.

8. Select and delete what you want to delete.

All is done.

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How to remove the most visited site?


Hey Joy,

You have a private question for us. You didn't mention what browser you were using. Anyway, follow these instructions:

1. For Mozilla Firefox:

You need to find out the home setting option. Then go to history and delete which days you browse. The history will ask you today, 7 days ago, and something like that. Then, you will also find most visited option. There, the address you visited can be seen . Don't make it complex.

2. If you used Windows default Explorer:

Go to the Explorer and find the option, then tools and click explorer bar history. As usual, you need to delete the address.

3. If it was Opera: Follow as stated above. Then, find tools and history. From there also, delete most visited sites.

There, you can solve it.

Thank you.

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How to remove the most visited site?



That's an easy problem. Follow the steps for different browsers you might be using now.


1. On your Menu Bar, click History.

2. Select Show All History.

3. There is a Library that will pop-up on your screen. On your right side, double click Today . You will now see all the history of all the sites you entered during the day.

4. Click on the sites/history you want to delete. Click Organize, and select Delete to delete your chosen sites/addresses.

Well done!


1. Go to your menu bar. Select tools. Choose internet options.

2. Click Delete button under browsing history. Click Delete History button. Click Yes to delete history.

If you are using another browser, please do the same steps. Go to Menu Bar and select Tools.

You're done!

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