How are passwords saved in Firefox’s password manager?

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There are more than one username and password for a site in particular and I cannot see that I have an option to select them. How are these passwords saved in Firefox Password Manager used?

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How are passwords saved in Firefox’s password manager?


Hi George,

Usually when there are too many username and passwords saved on a particular site, what you need to do is to type the first few characters of the user name. It will then pick the best possible username and password saved on your Password manager. You should be able to login afterwards.

That is almost what all browsers do on managing the passwords. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera will give you the available usernames on the list wherein you will just choose which one you would need to login to.


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How are passwords saved in Firefox’s password manager?


Hello George,

If I am not wrong, you saved all those usernames and passwords by yourself. Now you want to select them by yourself. If you wasn’t saved them in your Firefox browser than it was possible, but now if you give a username the browser will take the best combination from those letters and will select the username from the saved menu. The password manager stores the particular password for that particular username so you cannot change those by yourself and if you don’t want to bother by these there is easy way to come over it. Just go to tools and select clear recent history and check all the boxes than click clear. Your all the records will be gone and you can now give username and password manually.

Thank you,

Riley weaver

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How are passwords saved in Firefox’s password manager?


Those saved passwords you see on your Mozilla Firefox are not used manually or you don’t click them to use it. It is your web browser who will do the checking on which ones to use. These passwords will only be used when you need to log in to a website where the password is intended for.

When you visit a site where you have a saved password, the browser will automatically fill in the login credentials on the login form and the only thing you need to do is click on the “Log in” or “Sign in” button. To access the saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox, click “Tools” and then “Options”.

In “Options” tab, select “Security” on the left pane then click “Saved Logins” to see all the saved passwords.

Mozilla Firefox saved passwords

On the next screen, you should see something like this.

Mozilla Firefox saved logins window

Unfortunately, there is no way you can add a new set of login manually. The saving of passwords or login credentials is done by the browser when you log in to a website for the first time. Mozilla Firefox will prompt you to save the password. If you click to save the password, it will be added to the list of saved logins.

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