How we can change the persona?

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Give the full details please that how we can change the persona or at least tell me what is the persona?

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How we can change the persona?



I will assist and provide you the basic things you need to know in understanding this matter.

Mozilla Firefox comes with sophisticated and fascinating personas in order to let you personalize your own Firefox browser. There are large numbers of persona skins to be applied based on your  personality and likes. You just need a click to install it once you have chosen the best that suits you. However, you can only apply one persona at one time.

Please follow the simple steps below to start getting your first persona.

1. First and foremost, launch your Mozilla Firefox browser. Then browse to addons, mozilla, org.

2. Next, click on “Personas” on the left pane in order to see the various selections.

3. You can browse  the categories of personas provided or even type your desired type of personas in the search box.

4. Please put your cursor at the personas image to view it larger. Once you have found the right one, just click on it and 
       you will view the information page.

5. Afterward, please click on “Add to Firefox” to get the personas automatically being  installed and activated .

6. Then, please press “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys together followed by pressing “A” in order to open the Add-ons tab.

7. Please click on “Appearance” on the left pane followed by “Enable” in order to activate your persona.

8. Finally, click on “Remove” to any of the personas you desire to get them away.

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How we can change the persona?


The thing you called Persona refers to Mozilla Persona. It offers the easiest and safest way of logging in. With Persona, you don’t need to create different passwords or usernames when creating an account on different websites. It actually replaces the various passwords you use for different websites. When using Persona, you only need one password to login to different websites such as Trovebox. The Times Crossword, and Voost. While using Persona, your identity will be your email address.

But this doesn’t mean that you are only limited to use one email address only. No, that’s not it. You can create as many different email addresses as you want but you will only need one password for your Persona. Persona is a non-profit service developed by Mozilla for the web community. Its objective is to form technologies that level the people’s privacy with an open Web platform. Its objective is to protect the user’s privacy and doesn’t track your online activities anywhere in the web.

Persona creates a kind of barrier or wall between logging you in and the things you do once you are there. With Mozilla Persona you are sure that your web browsing history is only stored in your own computer and not somewhere else. If you want to experience what it is like when using Persona, visit Mozilla Persona.

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How we can change the persona?


Hello friends,

Thanks to all for your excellent comments. I am really surprised with your simple and impressive explanation, which for now I am able to understand what persona is. Pingol Stas, your step by step solution was very helpful and easy-to-use. And Sharath, your valuable explanation helped me to know many unknown information such as with persona, we can create an account on different websites without creating different passwords, in persona my identity will be my email address etc.

This Information was really new to me. In fact, both of your comments helped me to enrich my knowledge about persona. Now, it is easy for me to create several accounts on different websites by using a persona that provide only one password in all my accounts that I created. Thanks again friends as well techyv too.

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