EPSON Scan Setup … …

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I have an Epson scanner purchased few years back. When purchased, I used Windows XP and the scanner run great.

I scanned thousands of picture and documents through it.

So far, when I migrated my OS to Vista, the scanner setup is not working and following the message is encountered.

Please give your valuable advice.

EPSON Scan Setup error

 EPSON Scan Setup


EPSON Scan Setup

Could not copy files. Check the setup disc, then run setup again.





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EPSON Scan Setup … …


Looks like your CD has a error or your CD player or maybe both.

Now I think because you are using windows vista it is better if you upgrade you driver or I can say use upgrade driver.

To find upgrade driver you can visit to this site: Download Link1 then select scanner series and then scanner module then a new page come and you have to select drivers and downloads at the top to find you desire latest driver.

Download it and install it. It will work better you can also burn it to a CD.

You can also have drivers from this site: Download Link2

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EPSON Scan Setup … …


You might be experiencing compatibility issue with your software on your current operating system or a CD problem.

Solution 1:

Search the internet for a software driver for that printer of your which is compatible with the current operating system that you have now. Your search priority should start with the Epson official website then go to support.

Solution 2:

Revert back to your old operating system which is windows XP if you want to use it again. Or plug it to another PC and have it shared so that you can use it. But make sure that the computer is always turn on to use the printer other wise it will not work.

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EPSON Scan Setup … …


If you use the same installer when you install the scanner software on Windows XP on Windows Vista, that installer may not be compatible with the new operating system. If the installer you use is from the CD that came with the package, one workaround is to download the installer from the scanner manufacturer’s website. To download the driver, go to Epson Scanner Support.

Here, enter your scanner’s product name like for example, without quotes “PowerLite S27”, “ET-2500”, “WF-7620”, and others. You can find it printed on the side or bottom of the device or in the packaging and the manual. Once your product is located, click it to go to the download page. Select your correct operating system then download and install all available drivers and software for your scanner.

This should fix the problem. Normally, the page detects your operating system. But if you see the operating system selected is different from the one you are using, click to change the operating system and select Windows Vista from the options.

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