Release OrCAD 16.2 Setup …

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When try to update registry information of the installation process the following message appears and the installation process quits without finalize the setup process. Consequently the installed program does not run properly. Please give me the solution regarding the matter. Is my setup file corrupted?

Release OrCAD 16.2 Setup error

Release OrCAD 16.2 Setup

SetEnvironmentVariable0:Failed to get CDS_LIC_FILE value from

registry.Self registration of executables might fail.




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Release OrCAD 16.2 Setup …


Check which operating system you have because for example windows 7 cannot support OrCAD 16.2. Try using this simple steps to solve your problem-File then new then project and specify an analog and mixed A/D project to get it simulated to run. If this doesn't work then verify some few things like the configuring storage server's name settings and the resolution name setting.

Check services available and check if there are firewalls which may interfere with the installation Check that the computer you are doing installation on is able to contain the memory of the OrCAD 16.2 and if the storage server belongs to the same enterprise level.

Another way to resolve it is by logging as an administrator then open OrCAD capture after this open a sample file or the file you tried to open at this point it should run smoothly if this doesn't work then contact the technical support for assistant.

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Release OrCAD 16.2 Setup …


First Check to your PATH ENV variable if value is too long then give truncate it to like 6 or 7 path values and then try to install it again. Then after installing, just add the remaining values.

If that’s not help. when you met the ‘setting up the environment’ part of the installation process, type in [email protected](your ip address, no space. For example: [email protected], and if you are using a LAN, use the in-LAN IP address).

To find what your IP Address is, transfer cmd (Winkey+R,and type in cmd, then type ipconfig/all in the MSdos dialogue box to check your IP). That is it.

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