Email font size reduce and image zooms

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I am unable to read an email with images as the font size is too large and it make the text to overflow the reading pane. The CTRL+ scroll wheel is not able to reduce the font size and it zooms the image. How can I read the email by reducing the font size?

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Email font size reduce and image zooms


Hi Monica,

Regarding your query, to make Windows Mail or Outlook Express in small or different fonts for message lists, below are the steps;

    First Go to your  Control Panel from the Windows Start menu.
    In Windows Vista:

  •         Make sure Control Panel Home is highlighted.
  •         Click Customize colors under Appearance and Personalization.
  •         Follow the Open classic appearance properties for more color options link.

    In Windows XP:

  •         Go to Appearance and Themes if available.
  •         Click or double-click Display.
  •         Go to the Appearance tab.
  •         Click Advanced.

    Then select an Icon from the Item in drop-down menu.
    Choose your desired Font:, Size and also attributes.
    Click Okay.
    The Icon font is used for the list of folders and messages as well as toolbar icon text in Windows Mail or Outlook Express.
    Click Okay.

Hope this Help.

Best Regards,

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