What is Email Marketing and its function?

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I am a freelance worker and I am interested in email marketing. But I am confused how to use this software? I have heard that more than hundred emails can be sent through email marketing software once a time, is it really true? If this is true, how is it possible? I know there is a restriction of sending bulk mail once a time from one email accounts in gmail, yahoo or same kind of search engine or mail service provider. If it is true then how is it possible to send bulk email from one accounts through email marketing software?




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What is Email Marketing and its function?


Dear Samaziz,

Password can be recovered also by sending the verification code on your mobile number if you put it before.

Here is the solution of your second problem:

A email extractor known as MBOX Email Extractor. The version of this software is 5.0.5 is one of the best freeware. Its size is only 451KB. Quickly email extraction can be done by this software which is stored by MBOX.  Thunderbird to EML conversion also can be done by it.

Another this kind of email extractor is Tala Web Email Extractor ( Edition 1.0.0). Its size is 832 KB and it is also a freeware. This kind of software is very useful to find more and more clients. This also boosts your emails. Just Double click is needed to extract mails from the website with the help of this software.

Links for these two softwares are given below.

MBOX Email Extractor

Tala Web Email Extractor ( Edition 1.0.0)

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What is Email Marketing and its function?



Thousands of emails can be sent via email sending software. There are certain software which will minimize the occurrence of the send email landing in the junk or spam folder of the recipient.  Google, yahoo, msn and many other email account providers use spam filters to stop the unwanted emails from entering the inbox. It also depends on the script in the email and the frequency of the amount a certain subjected email is sent to a certain person.

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