Cloud-setup-console-proxy installation error in creating proxy set up

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Once I utilize "cloud-setup-console-proxy" to create fog up-unit-proxy, I got this problem:

<ul><li>Welcome to the Cloud Console Proxy setup</li><li></li><li>server</li><li>The hostname of this machine is properly set up</li><li>Stopping the Cloud Console Proxy</li><li>Trace back (most recent call last):</li><li> File "/usr/local/bin/cloud-setup-console-proxy", line 134, in <module></li><li> m = service("cloud-console-proxy”,” stop")</li><li> File "/usr/local/bin/cloud-setup-console-proxy", line 71, in __call__</li><li> raise e</li><li>sub process. Called Process Error: Command "["service", "cloud-console-proxy", "stop"]" returned non-zero exit status 1


VMware Remote Console

Error opening the remote virtual machine 10.10.8, 133vm-305:
A connection to the host could not be established.


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Cloud-setup-console-proxy installation error in creating proxy set up


The cloud computing server that you are trying to use has something to do with this.

  1. Make sure that they provide enough flexibility or features that it makes you capable of using such features.
  2. Ask their customer support or use the documentation to make sure.
  3. Once done, now you have to check the installation of the VMware components on the cloud computing.
  4. See if the remote access is not disabled from the VMware and you are trying to access it while it is being disabled. If it is disabled, please enable it and save the settings.
  5. You can also trying reinstalling the VMware on the cloud computing but it is the last step that you can think of doing if everything else fails.

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