VPN setup required for my workplace

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I want to connect my branch office to my other offices by using VPN. Please help me clearing with the concept as I am an amateur and want to do some research, before I physically implement it.

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VPN setup required for my workplace

  • Basically, it is a wide area network. So an Internet connection is a must for this, to provide you the access to LAN of your branch office. It needs a reliable VPN software to connect you, to the other offices.
  • You can use Cisco PiX and Microsoft ISA server, to access your offices remotely. Another useful tool for VPN connection is, Astaro’s Branch Office VPN Product. It supports host names for your computer and with a built in Dynamic DNS (DynDNS) client.
  • Here the users can easily connect everything with public and private IP addresses, while using multiple Internet connections. Astaro Command Center product helps you to connect you, with your branch office easily.
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VPN setup required for my workplace

  • Virtual Private Network allows you to remotely access your work's computer to yours using PPTP and LT2P.
  • Before you can connect to Virtual Private Network, you have to have the following;
  • Company Name.
  • Company's IP address.
  • Computer and Internet access.

Once you have all these, then you are ready to do set-up VPN.
The steps are easy to follow, and no confusing instructions can that can caused you headache.

Open Control Panel window.
Go to Network Connections.
Click Create New Connections and Wizard screen will appear.
Select Virtual Private Network and next.
Type the company name and select Public Network.
A dial-up box will appear for initial connection.
Enter the company's IP address to connect to VPN.
Connection Availability should be selected and click next and it has to be as default.
Click Finished and VPN are ready to use.

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