What about Android network Notebook USB share

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Hi Experts

I have heard about Android network Notebook USB share commonly known as Tethering. This has arisen many questions in my mind. I shall be thankful if someone answers them:

1.     Which operating systems are compatible?

2.     Does it need to install any software?

3.     What are requirements to share internet connections?

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What about Android network Notebook USB share




Hello Rever!  
You have heard right about tethering. It is possible to share Internet on you Android via USB cable with the help of Tethering method.  
The answer of your first question is:  
           Any operating system which has Integrated Connection Sharing (ICS) service running is compatible for this method. Such as (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 and also Windows 8).  
The answer of your 2nd question is:  
           Yes there is needed a software to be installed on your Android device, because it is compulsory for tethering method.  
The answer of your 3rd question is:  
Requirements for tethering:  
1. Operating System running ICS service.  
2. Android Device supporting Tethering  
3. Tethering Software ( I would recommend you to use Reverse Tether)  
4. A supporting USB cable for connection.  
When you will have all the required things, you will be able to share network on Android.  
Hope you would like the information. Feel free to ask more question.

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