Cloud Computing data will be at risk

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Cloud computing is getting popular, so I want to try it. However, when I looked on the internet I read this: "Inserting data and applications into a cloud seems very easy, but it's like you’re doing just that literally.

It seems like you’re blindly loading information into a puff of smoke."

Also, just like with loading information into a puff of smoke, security is an issue as well.

Because of the easy access to cloud information, any data of even remotely sensitive nature, would be at risk if put onto a cloud." Is that true?

If someone has experience with cloud computing here, please give me some tips before I pay for something expensive.


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Cloud Computing data will be at risk


Hi Brenda,

Cloud computing is one of the new technology that uses the internet to do anything with data and applications remotely, including becoming the central to the remote servers. Cloud computing normally is used by users for business purposes.

The user will use the applications without any installation, within their machine. But all data will be accessible for them, from any computer with internet access. This kind of technology that allows efficiency computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.

A simple analogy of cloud computing is, any email service such as Hotmail. You don't need software or a server to utilize it but you must have an internet connection with stability of the speed. The server and email management software is already installed on the internet itself and is totally managed by the service provider, which is Hotmail.

There are three segments for cloud computing which are applications, platforms, and infrastructure.

Everything has its plus and minus, so does cloud computing. It is even easy to access, but there is view whole that a “mouse” can enter it. These is a list of certain things, to be consider before you apply to your company:

  • Protection from law, for piracy stills less. Simple as a cop need to get a letter or warrant to search you, same also if you are keeping data in cloud computing. Everything is easy to get including any information about you since it’s stored at web server basis.
  • Weak security service. This is depending on the user. Easy access illegally from the other person due to weak knowledge of security plus many tools spread around the internet for breaking it up.
  • Third party control. A simple example here any social media which contain with picture uploaded. You as the consumer even already delete any of your data at cloud computing, the third party who control the service have a big decision about file stored.
  • Server issue. One of the reason people use this services for reduce cost to build a server and maintain database for backup but if you notice, once it down then all data or file inaccessible.
  • Compliance of data. Cloud computing may be reside at the “cloud” of the Internet, but actually data locate on multiple servers in the different multiple locations. The issue that may arise here, probably regarding the legality of certain data being stored outside national borders.
  • Monitoring data. Since data is in the hands of the service provider, monitoring probably become an issue unless the proper processes are put in place. However, end-to-end monitoring over clouds computing service is almost certainly possible.

In some cases, the risk is too great to rely on the cloud computing service. Every decision is made to put some services and applications in the cloud, the business people must ask how that risk should be managed. We can say that this service is not risk-free, but perhaps, that is the truth of almost every technology out there is having the same issue. There is possibility whereby the risks can be managed with minimal effort and balanced against all the benefits it provides.

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Cloud Computing data will be at risk


Cloud Computing has four major fields.

  • Private
  • Public
  • Hybrid
  • Community
Private cloud computing is used within organizations, that are more secure where no third party can view the data.
Public cloud computing is for all users over the internet through public cloud service provider of cloud computing. Where any one can view your data and it is not secured.
Hybrid cloud computing is a combination of two or more public, private or community clouds. It can be secure with the combination of two private organizations and it cannot be secured with the combination of two public organizations or public and community organizations.
Community cloud computing is a mixture of public, private and hybrid cloud computing which is not secured at one level.
Security Issues are there over the cloud computing, but it depends on the following methods.
  • Service Provider
  • Cryptography
  • Medium/Channel
Service provider method should provide security over the cloud. e.g, Google and Amazon. They have cloud and they provide services along with the security over the internet. There for it is very important to know well about service providers, either they provide security or not.
Cryptography method is used to secure your message. Encrypt your message through your private key and send it to the destination, only that person will decrypt your message who will know your public key to decrypt data. No third party will interfere in it. In this way your message is secured.
Medium/Channel method is to secure your message to know which medium or channel you are using during communication either it is secure or not. e.g, VPN, LAN, WAN.
Cloud Computing is not fully secured. Because there are different ways for third parties to catch/receive your data. But some extend it is secured. Category Private cloud is more secured because organizations use many security levels to increase their security over the internet, and there are different methods for IT professionals to secure your data.
But publicly it is not secured, It depends upon your service provider of cloud computing or cryptography method to secure your data publicly.  

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