Sophos Free Encryption Pop Up Message !

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Hi! Friends,

I have a problem with my laptop and the Sophos software. There are many files but their extensions are $$$ . These file's sizes are greater than 1GB and I have to delete them from the temp directory and when I went to the temp and selected all of these files and clicked right-click, the following error message appeared to me:

"Could not securely delete the temporary file
C:UsersDANGER~1AppDataLocaltempsophosNew folder.!"

I used the Sophos Antivirus for Windows. I don’t know what is suitable to solve the problem and stop the error message which appears to me. I searched but I found nothing on the other forums. Is there anyone who can solve this problem?


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Sophos Free Encryption Pop Up Message !


Having a lot of files with '.$$$ extensions' which are 1GB in size under your temporary folder: C:Documents and Settings All Users Application DataSophos Sophos Anti-VirusTemp will make you think if you can delete those or not.

Well definitely yes, those are just temporary files which were extracted when your system’s scanning engine scanned an archive file. Unexpectedly, those files remained after the scanning process.

Here’s what you need to do to completely delete it without getting the message—“Sophos Free Encryption. Could not securely delete the temporary file C:usersDanger~1appDatalocalTempsophosNew Folder.:

First, Stop the Sophos Antivirus service– SavService.exe. You can find it under the list of services.

Then, Delete all the files with *.$$$ extensions'. It would allow you to delete those without getting any pop ups and start back the SavService.exe service. Hope it helps.

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