TrueCrypt password error in encrypting file container

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Hi all!

I have made a "Encrypted File Container" with the help of AES, NTFS and 4.3GB. The volume is mounted after press the “Mount” button and type password. After pressing the “Auto-mount Devices” and inserted the password, the error happened.

By The Way, the password is same and appropriately right.
The error is:

"Mount" button: volume is mounted!
"Auto-mount Devices" button: error: "Incorrect password or no Truecrypt volume found".

I also backup the header of my volume and stored it but won’t work. The same error emerged when I set True Crypt to initialize a logon and auto-mount my volumes.

But I need this function because it’s really important to me because True Crypt Forum doesn’t allow free emails so I can’t make with them.

Can anyone help me please?


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TrueCrypt password error in encrypting file container


Are you familiar with the process of mounting through truecrypte? There might be a slight mistake that you are making.

  1. On the Desktop, look for an icon similar to a golden key made in it. It is used to mount any drive.
  2. After that it will start automatically. Select a drive letter that is not assigned to any other drive in your computer.
  3. This drive letter will be used by the windows to name your newly made TrueCrypt drive.
  4. Type the password for your current drive. Click the Ok button after you have done with this.
  5. The drive volume has now been successfully mounted and you can see the information in it. now you can and by any means, access the files from it.

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