Adobe Reader X showing Error Message: (1074724867:3), what can I do?

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Does Adobe Reader X have something to do with why I can’t be able to download a pdf file from email or any website? I don’t really know why I get an error message upon downloading. The document can’t even be opened after this error. But if I try opening the pdf documents stored on my hard disk from an external device, that’s the only time it would work successfully. Can you please give me an idea on how to really fix the problem I brought up? 

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Adobe Reader X showing Error Message: (1074724867:3), what can I do?



See that any file can be downloaded from the internet and stored on your hard disk  only if.

1.       The firewall is not blocking the type of file

2.       The web shield to the antivirus shield does not block the file.

3.       the limitation of the browser to download such files.

As such the problem is solved by unblocking such kind of limitations. The limitations are normally not to be brought forward as this may affect the security of the system.

A popup should appear on the browser asking for whether to block or not the file. There you need to unblock it. Install Adobe reader latest version.

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Adobe Reader X showing Error Message: (1074724867:3), what can I do?


Hello Gary,

There are many possible reasons that could have led to this problem. The main reasons are damage of the PDF files, Acrobat reader, and browser settings. Try the following suggestions and you might have a solution to your problem.

Method 1: Certain PDF can be downloaded directly when they appear as clickable links. This avoids you opening the file in the browser and saving it directly in your system drive.

Method 2: You can try and update your Acrobat reader as the absence of latest update patch might be the reason of your problem.

Method 3: Repair Acrobat reader. The Acrobat files might be damaged and repairing these files can provide a solution.

Go to Help and then to Repair Adobe Reader Installation.

Method 4: For viewing PDF files in your browser you need to PDF plug-in enabled. Enable the plug-in and then Observe if the problem is solved.

I hope this might prove helpful to your problem.

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