WinRAR Error Message “CRC failed in the encrypted file”

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I download some .rar files from Internet, and when i try to extract those files i get this error "CRC failed in the encrypted file xxx.iso (wrong password?)". and i tried repairing the archive but still i get the same error and i'm pretty sure that password is correct,
So is there any way to solve this matter, would be a big help,


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WinRAR Error Message “CRC failed in the encrypted file”



There are several reasons for your problems here are some of them

* Even if you think that it isn't corrupt IT may be corrupt Try re-downloading it

* If you re-downloaded it and problem persists the problem may be the one who compressed the file he/she may have corrupted the file tell your friend to re compress the file

* Wrong password yes you may think that you have the right password but the question is, IS that the password in the file is different

* Your WinRAR is defective download again…

* ISO creation is corrupted… try creating another ISO

* Try compressing in Winzip or other software like 7zip..

If problem still happens to not go away the best way to solve this is just burn the files in a CD or DVD


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WinRAR Error Message “CRC failed in the encrypted file”



I think the problem here is not a wrong password if you just downloaded a couple of “.RAR” files that composes a whole ISO image. It’s normal for users to protect their compressed files with password but it’s rare for owners to add a password to an ISO disc image. With the number of ISO images I downloaded before there is not a single one protected with a password. Most file owners only add a password on their “.RAR”, “.ZIP”, or “.7z” files if it contains an installer in there and that is very common.

There is a way of checking an archive for data corruption but it can only be done on a complete file and your case doesn’t apply since the “.RAR” files are parts of one complete ISO file. I think you only got mistaken on the extraction process of the ISO file because it is composed of several parts. For example, instead of having “.RAR” extensions, your files use “.ZIP” and have files like “file-ISO.z03”, “file-ISO.z02”, “file-ISO.z01”, and “”. In this case, in order for the ISO file to be extracted correctly you need to initiate the extraction from the “” because this is the main file and the rest of the files will automatically be extracted and combined with it.

To do the extraction in this example, right-click on the “” file then point to “WinRAR” then select “Extract files”. See the image below for your reference. The reason for the error you received when doing the extraction is because you did the extraction on the other volumes and not on the main file. Like in the example above, if you will try to extract “file-ISO.z02” you will get an error that you might think is related to CRC but its not. Doing it also on the other file “file-ISO.z01” will also generate an error.

Proper way of extracting an archive chopped in several volumes

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WinRAR Error Message “CRC failed in the encrypted file”


This error loses my discernment what should I have to do now? I didn’t make any decision even after searching many sites for a remedy. They produced a remedy that did not appease me. I was very daunted about this error but guys, your penetrating comments deprived my daunting. I am pleased to Know that my problem is solved as I have materialized a proper way of extracting. Your screenshot images also helped. You gave me the step-by-step process of how to download and manage the files into their location. As a result of this conceivable solution now my error has disappeared. Thanks guys for helping me.

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