How to recover Windows Vista after formatting disk (in a Laptop)?

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Hi everyone,

I have got Dell laptop and I am facing an issue while trying to recover my operating system. Actually, when I bought my laptop it had pre-installed Windows Vista.
I didn’t like the Vista at all because of its huge memory consumption. So, I formatted the hard drive but not the partition which was meant for Vista recovery earlier. Then I installed MS XP professional 2007 on my laptop. Whereas, now I am willing to get back my previous system software (Windows Vista) for some specific purposes. My bad, it is not recovering now.
For the solution of this issue I have tried to use the recovery partition on my hard disk drive but I am not been able to recover it. I also have tried to handle this issue through a Windows Vista CD by selecting/using the “repair existing window” method.
Since, I am frustrated that I am not been able to fix this issue even after applying all the methods which I know, I am hoping against hope that someone should help me.
Well, I want to know how to recover Windows Vista after formatting disk (in a Laptop)?
Kindly tell me something to solve this issue. I am waiting anxiously.
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How to recover Windows Vista after formatting disk (in a Laptop)?


Famous laptop manufacturers like Dell provide their products with Original Equipment manufacturer disks, wherein the recovery consoles of the laptop which included the peripheral devices drivers installed in the laptop and the operating system itself that was compatible with the laptop.

Basically, the recovery disk was included and installed in the hard drive of a laptop aside from the recovery disk burned into CDs or a DVD.
Recovery disks can be got by 2 options. One of which was that the original image of the recovery disk can be downloaded at the official website of Dell probably at dell us website for it was the dell website with complete support for both new and archived products.
The only problem that you can encounter in that option was your internet connection. You must have a stable connection and it takes much time if your internet connection was slow, sort of 384 Kbps below. And if you want to pause and resume your download, a best download manager must be used in order to prevent your download file for corruption.
Best download managers cost too much money for just a download manager. The second option was to request a DVD copy or CD copies to Dell which cost a certain amount of money excluding the shipping amount wherein it still depends upon the destination which can be based on the shipping tax required whatever the country requires.
Aside from the recovery disks, you can also used a certain CD utility called HIRENs Utility CD, which includes lots of freeware particularly partition recovery software which can help a lot in recovery of your system. All the files and folders previously installed in your hard drive shall be recovered and can be restored.
In this manner, you will make your laptop hard drive installed on a system with an operating system such as Windows XP or higher and you will boot the CD and the CD itself has the Graphical User interface guide, that will teach you on how to use the inserted free wares as if someone teaches you to do so.
You can use the partition recovery wizard in HIRENs. Partition recovery wizard was a utility to recover such partitions caused by corrupted master boot records, infected hard drives by virus, etc. In this software it takes lots of time depending on what is the capacity of the hard drive itself, and the speed of your microprocessor as well.
The only risk of this software was you can also restore viruses and their infected file/s in your hard drive. That is why you also need a system with strong and updated antivirus when you use such a utility.
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How to recover Windows Vista after formatting disk (in a Laptop)?


Hi Strausss,

I have been able to recover windows with clients of similar problem. This should seem simple if you know how to follow on screen instructions otherwise, look for someone else who can understand what to do.

If you are sure that you never tampered with the partition with the recovery files, then things should be very simple. Just restart your computer and right after it is through with booting, press F8 or if it lists the current list of operating systems installed, press F8. A screen will appear with several options such as windows recovery, safe mode, safe mode with networking, and start windows normally among other options.

If the option to perform recovery is available, then your recovery image is ok and not corrupt or unreadable. Just select the option and follow the on screen prompts according to your laptop hardware. Your system should be back to the original state after it reboots.

However, if there is no recovery option on this screen, then you need a third party software to try and recover the image or partition. You should understand that this type of recovery is not 100% guaranteed to work as some files may not be correctly recovered. A good software that you can use is Spotmau. It works excellent and is very easy to use. I hope this works for you.

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