Windows update windows Vista errors.

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Windows update windows Vista errors.

Some updates were not installed-Failed 1 update.

It says "Some updates were not installed".

Failed 1 update.

Code C355 Windows update encountered an unknown error.

Try again and I repeatedly tried but does not succeed. I think its a important patch and was not successful updating it.

Any help is useful.

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Windows update windows Vista errors.


Hi there!

I have read your post here and analyzing the problem that you have encountered and I’m interested to share a little knowledge that I have regarding to your concern.

Actually, we have the same OS mine is Windows Vista Premium. And so far, I did not yet encounter such problem as yours. And maybe you I can help you the way I do with my computer whenever some errors occur and just consider my solution as one of the factor that will help your system work. This action is just a basic solution and you can easily doing this one.

Try to update again the Windows Vista application updates and if the problems still occur make a necessary action by pressing F1 to find the information about the error. If you can’t find the solution in the HELP button try to hit the restart button and restart your computer. Hit and long press F11. This button takes you to the Restore Factory Settings option.

This option helps you to recover the error of your OS by restoring the settings to default and hopefully it will remove the error of the system. By doing this all programs, the software of your system may return to default. The current files, software applications and installations that you have worked on will be deleted and all the system will clean up. But if those files and installations are important make a back up file (flash disk drive or CD/DVD drive) for you to install and save it again after restoring the system. 

When you reach the Restore Recovery Setting screen read the instructions carefuly. Press the necessary button that prompted in your screen. After which wait for the prompted screen to load the system and wait for about 30 minutes to be fully loaded. This action will take 1 to 2 hours so be patient when doing so.

After waiting for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, the prompted screen appears you to fill up the administrator’s information. Feel free to fill up and complete the application. After filling-up the application, it will take you to your desktop. You don’t have to install the driver’s; this action will only take you to restore the default settings of your system and back to normal.

After doing this actions, activate the programs that recommended by the Windows Vista for you to start browsing. And then try hitting again the Windows Updates and assuming that the updates is successfully done this time your action will work and successfully updates your Windows Vista.

I hope this will help you to recover the error that you have encountered. But if this solution won’t help you solve the error, contact the Windows Vista concern hotline, read the manual about Windows Vista OS or visit their websites if any or try to search for a solution online. Gather all the data’s that you have and apply it one at a time.

I hope this will help you to solve the problem as I’m glad by helping problems like yours.

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Windows update windows Vista errors.



Try to do this,

Disable your antivirus program – it might be controlling or blocking the updates site when you trying to updated your PC.

Check the firewall if you don’t want to disable the antivirus and look for windows updates if it’s really on the blocking list of the firewall, if you see it then you must change it's status, if the status is no then that’s mean it’s not allow to run or download to the system, just change it to yes or allow.

Hope this can help.

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