What is a Snipping Tool? Is it a counterpart of PrtSc/PrtScr Button?

What is a Snipping Tool? Is it a counterpart of PrtSc/PrtScr Button?

As all techi minds of Windows users had known, the oldest way of taking a screenshot image on anything within your desktop is through the PrtScr / PrtSc button. That button or command is incorporated as part of your keyboard for purpose of taking image of your desktop. But I didn't know until now that there is another program that allows you to do the same. It's called the Snipping Tool and can be used in Windows 7, Windows Vista, Experience Pack for Windows XP.

screenshot of an open window

The tool is a program that allows you to take screenshot of an open window, rectangular areas, free form or the entire screen as well. Taking screenshot is called snip which can be annotated and saved as an image either JPEG, PNG, GIF or HTML page or e-mailed.

So how to access that application or tool?

You may find it on Start > Accessories > Snipping Tool. 

How does this application differ from PrtScr/PrtSc? 

With this program, taking a screenshot would be as easy as 1-2-3. You won't need to access any Paint or Word program to paste and save the file in JPEG format. The application allows you to save It right away as soon as you have snipped the image you wanted to get. With the use of your mouse or tablet pen, you’re good to go in taking image.

Different ways in taking snip:

1. You can draw any irregular line on the image. And that is called free-form snip.

2. You can also draw a rectangle shape by dragging your cursor around an object that you want to capture. That is called rectangular snip.

3. You may also choose a window or dialog box. That type of snip is called Window snip.

4. You can also take a snip of your entire screen. We call it full screen snip.

Once you’re done snipping, it will be automatically copied to the mark-up window where you can annotate, save, or share the snip to your friends.

So where can I download this?

There are lots of hosting websites that allows you to download it for free. You may go to google.com and type “Snipping Tool” on the search panel. Then choose from any of the results.

Watch this video tutorials for snipping tools uploaded by CNetSystemsPCSupport,


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