Top 10 Best Software For Windows 10

In the age dominated by technology, the use of computers and similar devices have increased in our regular lives. Windows 10 dominate the arena of the operating systems is one of the most user-friendly OS in the world. To avail of the most satisfying experience of Windows 10, you might be curious to know about the best software that can enhance your usage. Here is our list of the top 10 best software for Windows 10.


Microsoft OneDrive is the best software you need to back-up and sync your data most securely. Built-in the operating system, this software allows you to access free online storage space of 15GB. Be it videos, documents, or pictures you, can upload any types of data on the software and access it through any of your devices. Furthermore, Subscription to Microsoft-365 avails you 1TB data more. Social collaboration and easy organization make the software user-friendly and convenient.


Software like Audacity needs no introduction. Audacity is the most popular user-friendly software for recording and editing audio files. The sound editing software’s best feature is Beat Analyzer that enables the user to fasten or slow down the beats. The software is most compatible with creating and modifying podcasts. Moreover, the software facilitates multi-track audio recording and editing.


If you have been keeping an eye on the top browsers, Google Chrome would be the most seen browser. Yes! Google Chrome is the most fast working browser that displays web pages speedily. Simple design and working are what keeps the software in demand. Synchronization of your preferences and bookmarks is easy and beneficial.


Dropbox makes files effortlessly transferable without any involvement of any external device. The software enables its users to keep the data(for example, documents) safe in the location of choice. Along with the individual computers, Dropbox is available upon Android devices, iPad, iPhone, or even Blackberry. The cloud storage feature of Dropbox facilitates its users to access their data anywhere irrespective of the platform.


VLC Media is an immensely popular and user-friendly software for Windows 10. It is a software to listen to and see audio and video files. The software enables a user to have various options for audio playback. In addition to it, the user can stream unlimited video songs, documentaries, and movies. No amount of vulnerability to security issues makes the software safe and secure for usage.


Skype is one of the best and oldest software that enables people to communicate with each other notwithstanding, the device they use. The software helps business persons to curtail costs for trips, tours, and travels. Productive communication without interruption and security operation keeps the software remain in the list of the top.


If you are looking for a software to save your unnecessary space, then let me assure you Kindle is best for you. Kindle is a software used for reading books and other relevant documents at any desired time. With the dictionary feature, the software enables users to look up to meanings speedily.


The most popular PDF reader and editor in the world, with most subscribers, is Adobe Acrobat Reader. The recommended software can be downloaded and installed from the internet for free. It enables its users to take the benefit of best editing tools and share and transfer files in the most optimum manner. Furthermore, there is no security and functionality difficulty with the software.


Kaspersky Free Antivirus software is free, lightweight anti-virus software. It allows users to have real-time protection against security threats and viruses. It helps the user to block files or applications that are dangerous to the operating system to keep the computer system guarded.

10. ZOOM

In the times of increasing dependency upon the various applications for virtual meetings in the period of the corona-virus pandemic, Zoom software for Windows 10 provides the best online experience with HD audio and video to its users. It can avail a user to organize meetings up to 1000 participants.


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