Top 10 windows software’s discussed

Top 10 windows software

MS Office Suite 2010

That’s the reality, Microsoft is aware of what it is doing. The simplicity of MS Word or the pivot table complexity, macros, look-ups, or even the powerful presentation tool, MS Power point. All of the PC users are most familiar with this tool. It’s not at all surprising to have this product on the top of our list.

Google Chrome

The philosophy of Google is that their browser will be the gateway to the computing solutions in the future as reflected by its rank in the browser list. After the productivity tool, it is the next important browsing tool. It had traveled a long way; crashes, bugs and many more, to have a stable, browsing solution.

Irfan view

It is a very important tool in the past and still one of the important tools for batch processing the images, editing them, and resizing the images.


An easy-to-use utility that is best for unpacking archive formats and compress RAR and ZIP files. This is free to download and will cost $29.00 to purchase a license. This is very fast and a sure winner considering the speed and the interface with a more advanced features.


Winamp is a well known media player which has almost all the features which a media player must have. Having an awesome look, having features like accurate  auto-tagging, plugin addition, sorting, visualization, shortcuts, and many more. It uses a good amount of RAM but it can be negotiated for this much features.


It is another successful open source project, an all-time hit. Once it has been the most customizable, fast, and the most secure browser. The fans of this browser still follow. But now it is losing its place by Chrome and opera.


The most fast-developing software and has the best performance in all tests. A free to-download software, easy to download from the website, and liked by most of the internet users. It offers features like Opera Link, Opera Unite, and Opera Turbo, customizable speed dials also shows the preview of a page. You can also create a master password for entering which automatically logs in every website with the ID and password stored.


Despite of media players like KM player, and the media player classic, this free tool remains on the top list on playing an unplayable media. Most people have this player installed on their systems. Even if they don’t consider it as the default player, but when a file is found which no other player is able to play, VLC, almost all time, proves itself. That’s why it is in the list of top Windows software.

Nero suite

Burning a CD/DVD? The first name that comes in our mind after hearing this question is “NERO”. Almost all people use Nero for their burning solutions .Only a bit few having a rich knowledge are going beyond Nero.


It is a good system maintenance utility tool. It is the best in this category .Cleaning and tweaking the registry, helping the system to boot up quickly by optimizing startup and removing temporary files from a mass of data. All of these can be done with this single software.


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