Top 10 Free Human Resource Software Tools

Human Resource is a term that implies the group of people working in an organization, business sector, industry, or economy. The Human Resource department is responsible for human resource management, looking after employees, labor law, employment standards, and many more aspects. So, the human resource manager is responsible for every activity taking place in any company or organization. Several software4 tools are now developed that have made the management process more simplified. Human Resource Software tools also boost the productivity of the business. The main objective of the Human Resource Software is to manage and optimize daily tasks digitally. The following are the top ten human resource management software tools, along with their features.

1. IceHrm:

IceHrm is one of the most used and popular human resource management software tools that has multiple advanced features in it. This application is best suited for small-sized as well as medium-sized businesses. The features incorporated in this software tool are document management, employee self-service management, performance management, time and attendance management, performance appraisal, attendance management, payroll management, project management, workflow management, dashboard, employee lifecycle management, etc. The best part of this software is it includes the feature of leave management. Employees can request leave, and HR can grant or deny leave online. IceHrm also includes a user role module that can assign privilege to any particular employee.

2. WebHR:WebHR, as its name suggests, is a cloud-based and web-based human resource management software tool. The HR of the company can efficiently and effectively manage and assign all chores to the employees within less time. It is compatible with small, medium, as well as large sizes of businesses. It is a multilingual software tool that supports more than 15 languages. The features of the WebHR software tool includes Ad-hoc reports, auto reminders, administration benefits, recruitment solution, effortless payroll, employee self-service, extensive employee profile, rich HR solution, online job portal, payroll management, training or learning management, eSignature, etc. The price of this software starts from $30 per month.

3. Jorani:

Jorani is yet another open-source human resource management software tool. This application is specially developed for the leave management process. It is compatible to run with only small-sized businesses or organizations. The features of the Jorani software tool includes leave request approval workflow, overtime request approval workflow, leave balance report, carried over leaves report, etc. Additionally, it also includes an employee database, absence management, employee scheduling, calendar management, email notifications, vacation or leaves tracking, automatic time capture, etc. It is a mobile-friendly application and supports Email integration. However, there is no free period offered.

4. Sentrifugo:

Sentrifugo is an open-source and sturdy human resource management software tool used widely by many businesses and enterprises. This software tool has got exceptional features that make it a powerful tool. It has an easy to use and simple user interface. The features of the Sentrifugo software include human resource, performance appraisal, employee self-service, analytics background checks, leave management, service request, talent acquisitions, interview schedule, feedforward, time management, expenses, asset management, customizable dashboards, and employee exit or separation, etc. This software tool is an all-in-one human resource business solution. All its features satisfy the needs of employees as well as managers.

5. Zenefits:

Another most-used and fully-equipped software for human resource management is the Zenefits. This application is also an open-source and free software tool. Zenefits software tool is a web-based application that offers a simple interface to its users. The features of this software include core HR management, payroll management, employee portal, employee directory, time and attendance tracking, open enrollments, benefits administration, claims administration, carrier relations, COBRA management, customized reporting, tax, and bank information, built-in compliance tracking, employee self-service, and supports integration with other HRM providers. This application is best suited for small, medium, as well as large sizes of businesses. Additionally, it also supports Android as well as iOS devices.

6. Zoho People:

Zoho People software tool for human resource management is a very well-known and popular application used by many businesses and agencies. It has numerous exceptional features that make the human resource management process more simple and easy for managers as well as employees. The features of the Zoho People tool include managing data efficiently, effortless HR management, attendance tracker, leave tracker, keeping track of time, handling shift schedules, boosting the performance evaluations, corporate learning management system, case management, employee engagement, employee self-service, feeds and collaboration, document management, eSignature, and file cabinet. It comes in five distinct packages, Essential HR, Professional, Premium, Enterprise, and People Plus.

7. Odoo:Odoo is yet another fully-featured and successful software tool used for the human resource management process. This software tool is an all-in-one application used by many modern companies. The features of the Odoo software tool include managing employees efficiently, tracking time weekly or monthly, tracking attendance weekly or monthly, leave management, streamlined expense management, easier employee evaluation, recruitment, boosting engagement with social media tools, improving communication between employees, and many other management processes of the company. This application is used and trusted by more than five million users. It is also used as a planning tool that incorporates advanced and beautifully designed Gnatt chart tools.

8. OrangeHRM:Another human resource management software tool that is compatible to run with small, medium, as well as, large businesses is the OrangeHRM. This application is used by millions of users across 100 countries. This software tool incorporates all business solutions, from hiring employees to retiring employees. The features of this application include performance assessment, leave management, time-off management, personnel information management, recruitment, system administrator and user roles, succession, and development, document manager, training module, employment compliance, disciplinary tracking, etc. The OrangeHRM software tool is a mobile-friendly application, and it is highly customizable. It offers a free trial period of 30 days.

9. Bitrix24:

Bitrix24 is again an open-source human resource management tool. It incorporates a total of 25 free HR tools in it. This application is used and trusted by more than 2,500 HR departments for the best HR solutions. There is a cloud version of the Bitrix24 application that is freely available and can be used by 12 users. The features of this application include time management, leave management, time-off management, calendars, knowledge management, employee engagement, document management, HR forms, and record management, recruiting, employee self-service, flexible workforce, news and announcements, organizational charts, employee directory, and many other exceptional features.

10. Gusto:Gusto is yet another online software tool for the human resource management process. It is specially developed for small-scale and medium-scale businesses. As it is an online and cloud-based application, users can access their accounts from anywhere and anytime. The features of this application include advanced payroll features, automated taxes, benefits management, chat, collaboration, contactor management, custom docs, data encryption, employee database, employee management, employee onboarding, HR management, multiple pay rates, QuickBooks integration, self-enrollment, time tracking, time clock integration, etc. This application is available in four different packages, Core, Complete, Concierge, and Contactor. No free trial period is offered.


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