Top 10 Best Examination Test Software

Corona Virus struck everything from small shops, factories, businesses, schools, colleges, etc. Because of it, the majority of the schools and colleges were not able to conduct final examinations traditionally. The way to solve this issue, it was decided to take to online exams, which reduces the risk of coronavirus by preventing the gathering of thousands of students at the same time. The concept of online examination is not new; some colleges take online entrance tests. So, the question is which software is best for the above purpose.
Here is the list of examination test software for taking online exams.

1. TCExam

TCExam is open-source software for conducting online tests developed by It is a web-based application that is independent of the platform. You don’t require a particular type of platform like Desktop, Android, etc. You just need a device that can run a web browser. It is also language-independent. It provides features like Open source software, community support from GitHub, High stability, Platform independent, no specific hardware requirements, easy to learn, efficient, low frequency of errors, data import and export, ORM recognition, etc.

2. Test Invite

Test invite is the online testing software for secured and efficient testing of student’s capabilities. This software is both Web-based or platform-based. It provides features like real-time webcam proctoring, e-mail invitation, you can create formative assessments, practice tests, personality tests, etc. You can conduct exams in multiple sections with independent time limitations, question bank management, various ways to collect answers, detailed exam reports, and many more. It is not free to use, the license costs from Rs.7000/month.

3. Eklavvya

Eklavvya is an online examination platform. A large number of institutes use it for conducting exams. It provides features like you can take aptitude tests, personality tests, test series, practice tests, etc. institutes can use this platform for managing admission exams, registrations, remote proctoring, secure browser, etc. Viva and oral exams can also be taking with Eklavvya. Other features are candidate data management, exam management, result management, assessment proctoring, schedule management, question bank management, and many more.

4. Think Exam

Think Exam is one of the most popular computer-based testing platforms used by institutes like Aakash, Allen, TIME, Chandigarh University, Indian Army, etc. It provides features like complete freedom for test creation, immediate results, easy to learn the platform, user-friendly interface, advanced reporting system, smart subscription, etc. For conducting tests, you get features like highly manageable question bank, candidate management, test-taker panel, reporting system, and many more. The pricing starts from zero to Rs.16000/month and custom pricing for the enterprise version.

5. Virtualx

Virtualx is an online testing platform developed by PIT solutions. It provides features like custom question creation, role-based access, exam schedule for individual and group, 12 different types of questions, provide support for written formulas and equations, randomization of problems presented to the examinee, graphical analysis, document sharing, the pro version of Virtualx has 14 different types of questions, support for negative marking, extension time for homework, tags and many more. The pricing starts from Rs.3500 to Rs.25,200.

6. Papershala

Papershala is an online testing platform developed by GoodFirms. Institutes like IES Master, VED Academy, Mock 99, etc use it. It provides features like multiple platform support like desktop, laptop, mac, etc. multifunctional question bank, students dashboard, admin panel, exam scheduler, reusable questions, self-registration for students, instant exam results, and many more; the license costs from Rs.0 to Rs.35/student.

7. Conduct Exam

Conduct Exam is an online testing platform developed by conduct exam technologies and institutes like Engineer’s circle, AOSmith, STUDY Virus, etc. uses this platform for conducting exams. It provides features like easy addition of question from Word or Excel files, support for various types of problems, random questioning option for quickly creating tests, sends an email notification, shares documents, videos, etc. analyze the performance of students, third party integration, instant scorecard, provide solutions, bookmarks for questions, and many more.

8. Talview

Talview is an online interview and assessment platform developed by Talview. Big enterprises use it for conducting interviews and recruitment of employees. It provides features like AI-powered Recruitment bot and resumes viewer, AI video interviews, live interviews, online assessments, and automated proctoring. Talview is also used for online admissions, and with course examinations. It provides features like multi-geographic student application, candidate evaluation, scheduling mobile-enabled asynchronous and live video interviews, student authentication, live and automated exam proctoring, browser policing, etc.

9. Mercer Mettl

Mercer Mettl is an online interviewing, recruitment, and assessment platform for enterprises. It provides solutions for online examination and proctoring, online assessment software, recruitment, and L&D solutions. It provides tools like talent assessment, coding assessment, campus hiring, online hackathon, lateral hiring, organizational development, 360-degree feedback, and reskilling. The examiner can take various tests such as Psychometric tests, behavioral tests, technical tests, coding skills tests, and many more. Mercer Mettl is a big platform for businesses, and enterprises such as ISB, AICA, Microsoft, Adobe, Accenture, etc. use this platform.

10. Exam soft

Exam soft is a computer-based examination platform for different fields of education like Law, Health, Nursing, etc. It provides features like formative assessments and student engagement, ExamID with two-step verification for security; there is also a feature of proctoring for preventing unfair means and cheating in the exam with an in-person and one-on-one invigilator, create curriculum plan to make sure that all the topics are covered, and nothing is left behind. You can check more features on the website with complete details.


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