Software that makes sure you export your file safely and securely

Software that makes sure you export your file safely and securely

DLL Export Viewer

With the DLL Export Viewer, it will be displaying a list of all the different functions that have been exported along with their virtual memory addresses as it will be specifying the DLL files within the DLL Export Viewer. You can copy the memory addresses of the required and preferred functions with extreme ease and convenience. The addresses can then be pasted into the debugger and then a breaking point can be set for the particular memory addresses. When this particular function is called off and the debugger will be stopping it right in the beginning of the specific function. 

Decompiler EX4-TO-MQ4

You can easily restore your lost metaquote sources with the help of this Decompiler EX4-TO-MQ4 application. It is extremely easy and convenient to install. You then need to run the decompiler and then drag-and-drop any of the setup files on the decompiler window. You can even compile, modify, and edit your MQL code again and again. It holds a tremendous Advanced technological decompile engine. The latest version is the which is useful in figuring out the maintenance issues such as bug fixes, enhancements or unspecified updates.

VB Decompiler

VB Decompiler is a decompiler which is used for different programs such as OCX, DLL, or EXE and they are written in the Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 and then disassemble all the other applications that are written with the.NET technology. All the programs written in Visual Basic can be easily compiled into native code or interpreted p-code. Generally, the VB Decompiler is considered to be an ideal tool for analyzing applications as it is the best in case you lose out the source code and then you can easily restore it. The software is free to try, however can be purchased for $69.00. The operating systems it supports are; Windows®95, 98, 2000, Me, 2003, XP, NT, Server 2008, Vista and 7.


It is a popular shareware data compressing and file archiving utility. In addition to strong compression and unzipping of general and multimedia RAR files, it can process non-RAR archive formats like ACE, JAR, ISO, BZ2 and ZIP. Conversion of other formats to RAR formats, repairing the damaged archives, encryption and authenticity verification are some other salient features of this utility. Unicode support of WinRAR recommends it as an all-in-one archiving utility offering comprehensive archiving solutions for international formatting capable of handling non-English file names. It is enriched with features like archive locking, self-extracting archives and embedded file comments.


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