Lenovo Z570 series new launch


Lenovo Z570 series new launch

The new launch of IdeaPad Z570 Series by Lenovo in the Indian market is a big hit. This is because IdeaPad Z570 Series has innumerable benefits such as having a huge capacity disk space of 640 GB plus a 4 GB RAM; it also comes with a pre-installed Microsoft Windows Home Basic. The new integrated audio system is better than the earlier Z560 Series and the best among other vendors in the market offering SRS  Premium Sound.

The IdeaPad Z570 series also comes with the 2nd Generation Intel Core i3 Processors having Sandy Bridge Technology that integrates a GPU within the processor.

In addition, a NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M graphics card is provided together with a manual slide button to switch between graphics cards to suit the performance needed.

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Z570 Series acquired a rating of 5.2 out of 7.9 from Microsoft System, a generally good score. In the Indian market, it costs about 38,000 Rupees. This is considered as a good price for the stuff.


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