Top 10 Best Sold Game Consoles Of All Time

Video games are one of the best things that humans had seen through and used in their childhood days. Even adults nowadays use video and Xbox games to escape their mechanical life. However, the backbone of enjoying these games rewards to its console. Times had evolved well for giving new game consoles every time. Some were seen as our favorites and cannot be erased. To this end, the following ten gaming consoles had its sales peak at different times.


Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was initially set to release in Japan (1983). NES is an 8-bit game console from Nintendo. Nearly 62 million NES took sales worldwide. The directional pad was first from NES. The game includes series like Final Fantasy, Super Mario, and The Legend Zelda. Super Mario Bros was notable for its big success among the Nintendo.


The Game Boy console had its introduction in the year 2001 by Nintendo. Till 2010, Nintendo sold up to 81.51 million units of Game Boy Advance in America and Japan alone. Unlike other games, this unit gives 32-bit CPU and provides 17 times more computing speed limit. The Legend of Spyro and The Eternal Nights are the famous games from them.

3. PLAY STATION 3:Play Station 3 was first in the year 2006 in Japan. As of 2013, 80 million units of PS3 were the sales globally. The PS3 was the first unit to use blue ray as a storage device which can save up to 54 GB data. The Fall of man, F.E.A.R, The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion are some of the popular games of PS3. It also has accessories like memory card adaptor, Blue-ray remote control, and an HDMI AV cable.

4. WII:

Wii was put to release from Nintendo in 2006. Within the six years of release, it took over the sales of PS3 from Sony, Xbox from Microsoft worldwide. It reaches the global sales of 101.15 million since it had its release in 2009. It has a Wii remote control, and the device is useful to detect three dimensions.

5. XBOX 360:

Xbox 360 manufactured by Microsoft was from the year 2005. In Xbox 360, users can enjoy DVD movies and games. Using Xbox 360 players can go online with friends. As of 2013, the Xbox 360 had sales of 83.7 million globally. The Xbox disc drive is available from 20 GB to 320 GB. This tool’s trending games include the popular ones like Dead or Alive, Halo 3, and Gear of Wars.


Play Station Portable gaming console is from Sony, which was from Japan in 2004. Till today, nearly 77-80 million units of PSP had its sales from various countries like Europe, America, and Japan. The primary storage medium of PSP is an optical disc format. It also has features like USB 2.0 and memory stick port.


Sony released the first ever Play station series in1994. As of 2006, Play station reached its 102.49 million units in sales worldwide. In the tool, you can primarily enjoy audio CDs. Air Combat, Street Fighter, Zero Device are some of the favorable ones of Play Station series.


Nintendo DS is a dual-screen gaming console which has two LCD screens where bottom one as a touch screen and takes input. It supports wireless connectivity and microphone. Using one game card you can play a multiplayer game in Nintendo DS. You can even download DS games in this tool.


Game Boy was from the year 1989 by Nintendo in Japan. Game Boy was seen in the Guinness book of world records for its smallest digital camera ever. The promising feature of the tool is that even in its cheap display, it has an AA battery which gives 30 hours of playback.


Play Station 2 from Sony stands as the best PSY console of history. Till 2000, there are about 3870 games that were put to release in Play Station 2. The users can play their favorite games online with their friends from anywhere around the world. It also supports DVD and CD playback.


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