IPad3- going to make the rumors true?


IPad3 going to make the rumors true?

The lovers of Apple Technology are very much eager to know about the release date of iPad 3. Some days ago Apple sent invitation cards to the media to attend the opening ceremony of Apple iPad 3. If it really happens, undoubtedly, a large number of people will be very happy. According to the sources, iPad 3 will have some new features and facilities. And surely the feature and the facilities will be mind blowing. Its display will be the most attractive thing of it. Use of dual-LED backlight makes the picture quality very high and different from the other devices. iPad 3 will lose some of its weights than iPad 2.

Presently, iPhone 4S users are using selling point Siri a lot. And its popularity may make Apple think to use this on iPad 3. Undoubtedly, the consumers will love it. The latest iOS is must if they want to install Siri on iPad 3. And iOS latest version is going to be released very soon. So, there really remains a possibility to have it on iPad 3. A rumor about supporting of LTE is also there. Even the general users also think that it would be available on iPad 3. Although it is regarded as one of the good rumors yet. All the rumors prove that people always expect a lot of things about iPad 3 and they really want Apple to make their dreams come true. And hopefully Apple is also getting it very clearly. This is not only useful for the consumers only but also for Apple’s business.

Another good rumor about iPad 3 is its camera. The rumor says that iPad 3 will have a strong camera of 8 MegaPixel. It will be very useful for the consumers who never want to hang a camera on their shoulders or waist all the time. With the help of this camera everybody will be able to snap pictures even in the dark environment. The quality of the pictures will surely be very high. Besides, the system of reading PDF files and eBooks will also be very high quality. As a result, the publishers will be rushing to iPad 3, too.
Overall, we can hear a lot of rumors about iPad 3. But nobody knows the real things about it. As people have trust on Apple, so they believe strongly that Apple will never dishearten their expectations. Apple must present something new for them. Now, we have nothing except waiting. So, let’s see what happens.

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