Apple is launching a new version of iPhone (iPhone 5)


Apple is launching a new version of iPhone (iPhone 5)

IPhone is a smart phone in which multimedia and internet facilities are enabled. It was first announced by an American company Apple on January 9 2007 and they have released its first version after 20 days of its announcement. After this Apple has launched its different versions with new and innovative ideas like; I phone 3G, I phone 3GS, I phone 4 and I phone 4S. In I phone Apple has presented many features like; Video camera, portable media player, Email, web browsing facility and much more.  Now in 2012 Apple is going to launch its new version I phone 5, which will be having more latest and updated features.

A Sleeker Design

Apple has made I phone 5 to meet the needs of their users. I phone 5 will be slimmer and having more than 4 inch screen size, which is large as compared to their previous versions of I phone. This version will be having a curvier design, which was rectangular in the previous version. But the other accessories like; front camera and home button will be same as I phone 4 and I phone 4S. Because of this design I phone 5 will look smart and better than before. They are providing water proof coating, in this way the danger  will be minimize and user will be able to use it in more safe and secure way.


A New Feature iCloud Service

IPhone 5 is having a new feature I cloud service. This feature will allow the user to save images, music and whatever the things they want from their personal computers or mobile phone, without storing all those in the phone memory of I phone.

A  Better Processor

Apple is featuring a faster processor A5, which has been never user in I phones earlier. This processor will be powerful and its speed will be about 1.2 to 1.5 GHz and they are also upgrading the ram to 1GB. This speed will obviously attract the users and they will be able to use it in a more effective way.

8 MP LED Flash Camera

Apple will also increase the power of camera. In I phone 4 they have given 5 MP camera, which they will increase to 8 MP. By this camera users would be able to capture their memorable events in a better way and with high resolution.

Apple has made I phone’s more user friendly, because of these features it will gain a high sell and more demand as well. These features are also beneficial for their users; they will be able to use this in a simple and better way.


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