Top Six Android Applications for Amusement

Top Six Android Applications for Amusement

Android phones are made not only for making calls or listen to music, but it is also designed for entertainment purposes. You just need to choose the best applications available in Google Play. Here is a quick review of some Android apps that can turn your phone into a portable center of entertainment. It’s interesting that these apps are free.

Android Market is enriched with ten thousand free apps. Because of these huge app-lists, you might get confused on which app to choose. But there is nothing to worry because after some tight research, we found some of the best Android apps that are free.


Do you like celebrity gossip? Though I may not admit it, it has a lot of users. If your wish is to become one of them, you need to check it out. You can find up-to-date and latest news about celebrity here. Some little functionality is also offered by this. I’ve mentioned before that if you want to use such type of service, this app is the best.

Gig box

This is the appropriate application for those who loves concert. You will be notified by Gig box if one of your favorite artists is performing a gig near your location where you live in. Google Map is used by this application in providing the directions to the venues. At the time of the concert, you can easily enter in the application’s live mode. Using this mode, you can chat and be able to share pictures with those who are in the concert.

TV Guide Mobile

This app is a must for those who love TV. It provides an up-to-date TV guide and you are allowed to check it as you wish. It can also be a good source of articles related to fun TV.

Fandango Movies

This is the best Android app for entertainment that is free. Your need for movies will be satisfied by this application. And it does not matter what types of movie are they. If you want to be amazed then just download this app and taste the satisfaction.

Funny Jokes

If you are a joke lover, then this app will best suit you. You can find awesome types of jokes provided in this application. Twelve categories are used to classify all the jokes. Because of this, you will not be able to see the jokes which you really don’t like.

Magic 8-Ball

At a young age, you may have questions towards the Magic 8-Ball. From this app, you will find relief from those experiences. You will find an answer to any tricky and complex questions.


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