IOS 12: Everything You Need To Know

On June 4th, the original version of the Global Developers Conference revealed the latest version of the iOS 12 operating system. While focusing on developing iOS 12, this new iOS has many new features.

The new features of iOS 12 are as follows:

Memoji: Apple has introduced a new customizable Animoji program called Memoji that you can customize to mimic you. With the new Camera Effects, you can use Memoji, Animoji and other interesting effects in Messaging and FaceTime.

Siri: Siri is smarter on iOS 12. Siri can answer questions about celebrities, food, and motorsports and has a new shortcut feature based on workflow applications. Using shortcuts, you can create a lot of auto-execution using primary and third-party applications, which can be activated using Siri voice commands.

Screen time: Apple built a comprehensive time management tool and focused on iOS 12, starting with the new time feature of the screen. Screen Time provides a weekly activity report that details how to use your iOS device, including the amount of time spent on each application, the number of times your phone is accessed, the time it switches to your iPhone or iPad, and apps that send you more content.

App limits: As part of screen time, app boundaries allow you to set the time limit of your app to remind you to use them less. The new Parental controls allow parents to see how much time their child spends on the device and use the plentiful and more accurate control options to reduce time.

Do not disturb (DND) option: Before sleep, DND turns off night notifications to show only time. Using DND options (including the final available time for the 3D touch center) or “Do not disturb” in general is easier than ever.

Notifications: Group notifications have been added to make it easy to view, and manage all your app notifications at once, as well as a new Instant Enhancement feature to adjust notifications when notifications arrive. You can disable notifications for specific apps by notification, or set them to silent by sending them to the notifications tab instead of blocking the screen. Siri also provides tips on how to turn off app notifications that you no longer use. In short, notifications on iOS 12 are less intrusive.

USDZ file format: Apple has introduced a new format for USDZ files developed using Pixar, allowing the use of AR assets in the entire system, Safari, Messaging, Email, and more. USDZ will allow you to place real-world 3D AR objects in these applications. Apple works with many companies, such as Adobe, to implement USDZ support uniquely.

IOS 12 is a real deal. It is a necessary interruption in all donations, and you should be aware of the bugs and performance issues that affect the latest version of iOS.


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