The 13 Most Insanely Awesome Apps On The Market

The 13 Most Insanely Awesome Apps On The Market

In todays’ day and age there seems to be an app for every conceivable niche. They range from those that are orientated towards animals to other that rate your ‘coolness’. But some apps are just insane.

1) Drunk Dial No!

To put it simply this app allows you to hide certain contacts (for up to 48 hours) from your (drunk) self. Oh sure you snigger now, but at least with this app guarding your back the worst thing you are going to have to worry about in the morning is a killer hangover, rather than your ex-girlfriend’s shotgun wielding boyfriend.

2) Game for Cats

As the name so elegantly suggests this is a game for cats… yeah those little devils. The premise of the game is very simple: the cat chases a mouse on aboard of cheese; you can even purchase more levels. Say what you want about the usefulness of such an app, but you have to give credit to the genius (an insane) creator of the game. In the end it just comes down to whether you trust you cat enough to give them an expensive smartphone to knock around.

3) The Brostache

This app allows you to choose from a list of different mustaches (for all occasions), before placing the phone over your lips and talking: the mustache mouth will mimic any words you say. Honestly, this sounds like total genius. Who hasn’t wanted to feel like a real man? Well now you can with the aid of a magnificent, virtual, brostache.

4) Pimple Popper

On a more disgusting note we have the Pimple Popper; this crazy app seems to be marketed towards the teenage crowd in the hopes of helping them master the different techniques required to stay on top of whiteheads. The app is composed of many levels of increasing difficulty and is sure to lead to many hours of vomiting. But hey, the kids have to learn someday.

5) Places I’ve Pooped

Let’s continue together on this path of filth and foulness: it allows you track all of the places you have pooped in the world. It all depends on whether you actually remember every bowel movement, but as long as you are persistent you’ll have built yourself a nice little poop kingdom.

6) Run and Pee

We are on a roll here. Run and Pee is an advice tool with a comprehensive knowledge of all things movie related. It is there to rescue those who don’t know when to leave the cinema to pee. Run and Pee works by telling you what the best time is to take a bathroom break and then fills you in on what you’ve missed in the movie, You can’t really fault it: it sure to help just about everyone.

7) iFart

Does what it says on tin: farts. You can choose from one of the many different flavours of farts known to man and the app will make a rip roaring attempt at replicating it. Get some friends together and you’re set for the evening. More than anything else you have to admire the artwork present here (yeah, that art).

8) iPickup Lines

Can’t seem to attract the ladies? Have no fear your savior is here. iPickup comes packed with cheesy pickup lines and hooks, all you have to do is hit start. It’s sure to have people rolling with laughter and that alone makes it superior to your attempts in every significant way.

9) Hold The Button

It’s apps like these that make you wonder why you don’t try to make one yourself. All you do here is push down on a button for as long as you can, that’s it. The person who can hold it down for longest gets unimaginable glory, but don’t get your hopes up: the current record is more than 6 days!

10) Drunk Sniper

Relive that epic Saturday night by trying to get your pee into the toilet. Sounds easy huh? Well it isn’t: as the name suggests your character is drunk, so get ready for some sweet moves. Someone put a hefty amount of work into this game if the 3d graphics are anything to go by.

11) Kiss Me

Now here’s one with a practical purpose. You have to kiss your iPhone (more specifically, the big lips on your iPhone) and it will assess your skills; your skills will then be shown to you in handy number from. It sounds like a decent party game, as long as you trust your friends.

12) Passion

Continuing on a romantic note; Passion uses your microphone, accelerator and a few other things to create a personal love-making score for you. Just remember to turn it on before you get down to the deed or it will have just been a waste of time.

13) iSteam   

This app appeals to the child in all of us. You blow on your screen and it fogs up, you can then use the screen to free your artistic flair. The technology behind this app is quite smartly designed and it’s probably one of the few apps on here with a generally relatable purpose: who didn’t doodle on their car window as a kid?


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