All OS types in Linux family and explanation about each

The types of Operating Systems in the LINUX family

Linux has gained extreme popularity as one of the best operating systems available, along with Apple's Mac and Microsoft's Windows operating systems. Linux was developed by a group of programmers that wanted their creation to be free of charges of any sort – making it one of the most popular OS used today. There are several different kinds of Linux operating systems that are being used by people throughout the world.

Red Hat Linux: This operating system from the Linux family was created by, and named after the Red Hat company. It was one of the most popular Linux operating systems until its discontinuation in 2004. The operating system had been the first to introduce the graphical installer known as Anaconda that had an interface which allowed even new users easy access and use. This formula was later adopted by other Linux operating systems. Red Hat Linux is also the first operating system from the Linux family that utilized the RPM package manager as the packaging format; later on this became the starting point for various other operating systems like Yellow Dog Linux and Mandriva Linux.

CentOS: CentOS stands for the Community Enterprise, and this operating system from the Linux family has a large following in the community. Like its predecessor, it is an open source operating system that is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It is well-known for maintaining 100 percent binary compatibility, due to the utilization of upstream distribution. This OS is available free of charge and its technical support is provided by community through web forums, official mailing lists and chat rooms.

Fedora: Fedora’s standard operations, as well as its desktop are a similar experience to Kubuntu and Ubuntu. This OS is commonly used for older computers because of their limited system requirements. It can be found in almost all colours, such as brown, black, grey, red, and tan

Ubuntu: Ubuntu is the most popular and widely used operating system from the Linux family. Its goal is to bring Linux to the more casual computers users, and it is said to rival Microsoft’s Windows OS due to its captivating features. It is estimated that 30% of the Linux users use Ubuntu as their operating system.

Kubuntu: This OS is similar to Ubuntu in terms of operation. A major difference is the fact that Kubuntu uses a different file system than Ubuntu. However, this performs the same function as Ubuntu; and similarly, it is easily accessible to the casual computer users.

Debian: Debian is a more complicated version of the Linux operating system. The other operating systems such as Kubuntu and Ubuntu are actually based on this operating system, except for the fact that it is not readily accessible to the casual computer users. It holds the same capabilities of a standard desktop operating system, along with the abilities of the operating systems that are used for running computer servers.

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