Building a new distribution by remastering ubuntu


Building a new distribution by re-mastering Ubuntu

Remastering a distribution is intended to meet a specific need for someone or party. it is made because no distribution meets their needs. this time i will explain remastersys available on Ubuntu repository. first install remastersys

# apt-get install remastersys

the system will download the file and any program and libraries needed by remastersys and also install them. now let's make a change to the system for example we install kplayer

# apt-get install kplayer

again the system will download and install the program. then run remastersys or remastersys-gui for GUI

# remastersys-GUI

choose backup complete system including user data

this way, everything's clear. you can backup the entire system and a new ISO image will be created. burn the image to a disc with k3b or to flash drive with unetbootin then boot from it .


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