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Outlook 2007 free/busy data could not be retrieved.  Our users are running on Windows Server ’08 standard.  Their computers are on Windows XP SP3.  We have just upgraded to Exchange ’07 and MS Office ’07.  There is one problematic user.  When the others are opening the scheduling assistant and try to add this user, it says that the data couldn’t be retrieved.  Data of other users are viewable by us.  I can also access the data using Office ’03.  All users have the reviewer rights so we can view his calendar and see his events.  I have tried to open Outlook with CleanFreeBusy but nothing happened.

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Hallo Lucky,

First I will advise that you check the network connection status.  Check if the network cable is connected properly and that it can show the orange and green lights to be sure that indeed there is a connection.

You should also ensure that you are synchronizing the free/busy with the ms exchange that you are using. Also try pressing the control+click key combination on the keyboard and the from outlook you will select the 'test email autodiscover' option and test to see if your CAS settings and certificates are working properly. May be it is a certificate issue and not a free/busy issue that is causing the problems.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu