Distinctions between MS Outlook and Outlook Express and their File Extensions

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Is there a difference between MS Outlook and Outlook Express?  What are their file extensions?  What is the distinction between system tray and quick launch?

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Distinctions between MS Outlook and Outlook Express and their File Extensions


Yes, there is a difference between MS Outlook and Outlook Express. The Outlook express is am email client from Microsoft that is built in or integrated with the operating system such as Windows Xp , Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Microsoft Outlook is a program that is included in the Microsoft Office Suite and you cannot install this without buying a license because it is not bundled with the OS.They are both .exe programs used for email clients.They also both supports .eml files.

Quick launch is found in the taskbar that is used for easier launching of frequently used applications. You can add a shortcut of  a program in the quick launch.This will save you time to switch to the desktop to find the icons specially when you have many programs listed. The System tray  or also called as notification area is found in the lower right corner of the screen where you can see the system time and other applications usually running like the antivirus.

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Distinctions between MS Outlook and Outlook Express and their File Extensions



Both programs are Microsoft Property. I give you properties of both separately so that you can understand better.

1. Outlook Express: 

  • Outlook Express is a Bundled software package that comes with windows as free.
  • Different versions of Windows have different versions of outlook Express.
  • Outlook Express is made for personal use.
  • Outlook Express supports data file size up to 2 GB.
  • Outlook Express uses .dbx as extension of data files.
  • All data, contacts and email settings can be exported easily with the account passwords.
  • This property of Outlook Express makes it insecure some times.
  • Outlook Express is less stable with files over network.

2. Ms Outlook:

  • Ms Outlook is not free software.
  • You can install your version of Ms Outlook on all versions of windows.
  • MS Outlook serves for Personal and Business Use.
  • Latest versions of this software supports up to 100 GB's of data file size.
  • All data and contacts can be exported easily.
  • Is very secure and we can even add passwords to our data files.
  • It is a great product and works well on local systems as well as on network.
  • It uses .PST as file format.
  • There many great features that you will only know when you will use it.

Now I come to the second part of your query. Quick launch is the area where you are working. It is made for the users so that they can get fast access to any of the program that frequently uses. You can add any program to that area and have fast access to that. Otherwise programs are available in their installed locations.

While notification area is the windows own working area. If something happens it is sent to notification area. All errors, Alerts and software activities can be seen in notification area. Some software also uses to send alerts to notification area.

So both areas are different with different roles in windows.

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