How can I delete shortcut files from removable disk

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Every time when I plug in my pen drive four shortcut files present in the removable disk.

I can delete the files temporarily. But I can't delete these files permanently from the device.

When I delete the files, these files deleted for only few seconds. After a few seconds the files reappeared in the disk.

How can I delete the shortcut files permanently.

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How can I delete shortcut files from removable disk


Nope, you can not delete it. It is like one of the types of W32silly autorun viruses which install themselves in USB flash drives making them hidden so it can not be seen when you browsed the drive’s contents.

Since you can see the shortcuts it created when browsing it, this only means that the antivirus that is running in your system is not capable of detecting and tracing this type of worm.

I don’t know if your hard drive is already infected since you are connecting your flash drive to it. I don’t know if installing a new antivirus will help since your flash drive is already infected and it’s possible that your hard drive is already too. But might as well try than doing nothing. Disconnect your pen drive first.

Then download a trial version of Norton Antivirus from Symantec site. Then uninstall your current antivirus and then install the recently downloaded Norton Antivirus.

Update Norton Antivirus first then connect your pen drive again and do a drive scan.

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