Sophos console does not update

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Hi! All,

"Could not establish connection with the parent library, Failed to authenticate with the server. HTTP Status Code 401 (Unauthorized).VFS 0x80040414".

I get the above error message. Can anyone help? 

And on a client getting this error,

"An installation could not run successfully because a previous installation,run by Autoupdate on a Sophos product, required a reboot and that reboot has not yet been done.(80041112)". 

Would need help on both please?
Thank you!
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Sophos console does not update



The error code in Sophos 80040414 points to the license and credentials. This means the license you are using has either expired or no more valid or the version of software you are using is very old and you need to upgrade. You should also check your firewall, try connecting to the Sophos and download.

Regarding the second question, you should reboot the workstation and try, if still a failure, then clear the cache folder, and then try to update.


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Sophos console does not update


Wow! This was a great help. Worked perfectly.

Thanks a lot!

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