Hard disk failure when tried to reboot

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I am using dell desktop. I update windows regularly.

A few days ago when i was updating windows, my pc froze in the middle of updating.

Then i tried to reboot the computer. I was unable to reboot the computer.

Then i run a hard drive diagnostic test. It showed this message:

"Hard drive failed the test: run code 7."

How can i solve this problem?

Please Help.

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Hard disk failure when tried to reboot


Good Luck!!!


  • Hard drive failed the test: run code 7, means that the hard drive has drive failed its self-test, try another drive if all precautionary measures fail.
  • It is an indication that the hard drive is failing and it should be replaced, now is the time to BACKUP any data, you wish to save. 
  • I am also using Dell desktop, and last year Dell Support told me that doing a clean install of the Operating System (I use Windows 2007:-P) would clear up any problems related to that error. So I would suggest you reformat and reinstall Windows and all the drivers. And try doing Hard Drive Diagnostics again and see if still receives the same error? I am hopeful it will not and your Dell will work fine.
  • I will suggest you is to format the drive and then run diagnostics again, if the code is still there then it might be a bad drive unfortunately you have to lose your all data to test this theory unless you slave drive and pull data.
  • Or if you still get the same error Hard drive failed the test: run code 7, then I am afraid any amount of reinstalling windows, will not repair a failing hard drive, better contact Dell Customer Service and request a replacement drive ASAP, before the warranty runs out (If you are lucky to still have warranty
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Hard disk failure when tried to reboot

  • This actually is a big problem regarding to the issue.
  • Your HARD DRIVE is corrupted upon updating your windows.
  • Maybe this is caused by undefined update of the system and merely change the EXE of the program.
  • This can also be done upon updating the windows download insufficient files due to slow internet connection.
  • The only thing you can do for now is to REFORMAT or REPROGRAM your hard disk in order to RUN it for good.

I hope this will solute your problem.


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