Hard disk failure when tried to reboot

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I am using dell desktop. I update windows regularly.

A few days ago when i was updating windows, my pc froze in the middle of updating.

Then i tried to reboot the computer. I was unable to reboot the computer.

Then i run a hard drive diagnostic test. It showed this message:

"Hard drive failed the test: run code 7."

How can i solve this problem?

Please Help.

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Hard disk failure when tried to reboot


Good Luck!!!


  • Hard drive failed the test: run code 7, means that the hard drive has drive failed its self-test, try another drive if all precautionary measures fail.
  • It is an indication that the hard drive is failing and it should be replaced, now is the time to BACKUP any data, you wish to save. 
  • I am also using Dell desktop, and last year Dell Support told me that doing a clean install of the Operating System (I use Windows 2007:-P) would clear up any problems related to that error. So I would suggest you reformat and reinstall Windows and all the drivers. And try doing Hard Drive Diagnostics again and see if still receives the same error? I am hopeful it will not and your Dell will work fine.
  • I will suggest you is to format the drive and then run diagnostics again, if the code is still there then it might be a bad drive unfortunately you have to lose your all data to test this theory unless you slave drive and pull data.
  • Or if you still get the same error Hard drive failed the test: run code 7, then I am afraid any amount of reinstalling windows, will not repair a failing hard drive, better contact Dell Customer Service and request a replacement drive ASAP, before the warranty runs out (If you are lucky to still have warranty
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Hard disk failure when tried to reboot

  • This actually is a big problem regarding to the issue.
  • Your HARD DRIVE is corrupted upon updating your windows.
  • Maybe this is caused by undefined update of the system and merely change the EXE of the program.
  • This can also be done upon updating the windows download insufficient files due to slow internet connection.
  • The only thing you can do for now is to REFORMAT or REPROGRAM your hard disk in order to RUN it for good.

I hope this will solute your problem.


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Hard disk failure when tried to reboot


When you are installing a Windows Update and you think the machine froze in the middle of the process, don’t try to restart your computer because you might create a problem. Sometimes it takes several minutes or even hours before an update is finished installing. You just need to wait until it is finished.

If the update appears to be really stuck after four hours (4) then turn off your computer. Press and hold the power button until the CPU turns off. Turn it back on after a minute or two. In your case, if you are unable to boot your computer after restarting it, that reboot probably damaged the hard drive.

You need a disk utility to fix the problem on your hard drive. You won’t be able to recover your files until the drive is accessible by the system. Remove your hard drive from your computer and connect it to another working computer. On that computer, download and install PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Use it to check your hard drive for errors.

It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.x. Make sure to perform a surface scan on your drive to fix any bad sectors.

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