I need guide line. Can you Guide me?

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I want to build my own PC. But I have less knowledge about computer hardware. I am very much confused, Can you guide me?

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I need guide line. Can you Guide me?


It is very easy. Computer is a very critical device, but it has an easy way for hardware setup. You can't place any part in wrong place means, you can't setup graphic card in sound card slot. Follow the steps to build up your own PC:

1. Choose a casing.

2. Attach a Motherboard with casing.

3. Attach a DVD Drive with casing.

4. Attach a power supply with casing.

5. Attach a processor with motherboard.

6. Attach a RAM with Motherboard.

7. Attach a Hard Disk Drive with the motherboard.

That is finished, now connect with power lines.

You can get a video guide from DailyMotion.

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I need guide line. Can you Guide me?


Hi Antonyo perry,

It’s not a hard job to build your own PC. Although the computer is a critical device, you need not have vast knowledge to build your PC. Just follow the following steps and build your PC.

  1. Choosing your components.
  2. Prepare your case.
  3. Install components on the motherboard.
  4. Install motherboard in case.
  5. Connect system wires.
  6. Install video cards.
  7. Connect power supply.
  8. Boot system for first time.
  9. Install operating system/Drivers.
  10. Test system and enjoy.
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I need guide line. Can you Guide me?


Hi Antonyo perry,

First, you have to define your need. You use a PC for study, for business, for entertainment.

Then, follow these steps to build your own PC.

– Choose mainboard (motherboard). This device is very important because it will affect other devices. Look at its details: it support which kind of CPU (Intel, AMD); how many slots of RAM; how many USB ports; is LAN, VGA, sound card on-board; what kind of socket;

– Choose CPU: Intel or AMD. The kind of CPU depends on mainboard (support or not) and your need.

– Choose HDD: how much size (250 GB, 320 GB, 500 GB) depends on your need.

– Choose RAM: depends on your mainboard support or not.

– Choose VGA: if your mainboard has VGA on-board, you do not need this step.

– Choose sound card: if your mainboard has sound on board, you do not need this step.

– Choose a case: depends on mainboard. It must be fit for mainboard. If there is no power supply include, you have to buy one power supply.

– Choose DVD.

– Choose monitor, keyboard, mouse.

After that, you attach mainboard to the case, then other devices to mainboard: CPU, VGA, sound card, RAM, HDD, DVD. Connect monitor, keyboard, mouse to case, and connect your computer to electricity.

Hope this helps.

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I need guide line. Can you Guide me?


Hello Antonyo,

I am going to give you a good configuration of hardware. This would mostly a gaming PC, but if you want to create any graphics or do programming you would get a very good performance. I designed this with both the facilities and best price list. The configuration is given below.

1. AMD (PHENOM) or Intel (i5, i7).

2. RAM (minimum 4 GB, maximum 8 GB).

3. HDD (on demand).

4. Graphics card (Nvidia GTX 256bit 1 GB or more).

5. Monitor (wide and suitable for the user).

6. Casing (minimum 2 layer cooling system).

7. WiFi TP link.

I think this is most cost-effective gaming come graphics supporting a computer.

Thank you,

 Riley Weaver.

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