Any helpful Ideas about Physical Machine into Virtual

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Last night I tried to moved a Physical Machine into a Virtual without success. The source is SCSI U320 HD an IBM x206 with 2 x 74 GB D in Raid1, partitioned into two (2) with drive C: and D: and those disk are dynamic.

The way I usually change Phy to Virt is by creating an Acronis Image of the server and this was done correctly and without mistakes and in order to bring it into ESXI server I use the Vmware Standalone Convertor at the same time we re-size the HDD partitions and also make C: and D: Then I went to import the Acronis Image into the ESXI server last night these alternatives where not available to me.

I thought because the disks where dynamic, I could only made them as one whole Virtual Disk. I followed the instruction on the Converter and by this morning the Acronis Image had been imported in saying successful, but when I turned to start it up it came up with no Operating System Vertical Disk. I'm not sure why bad choice back in the old days.

Any helpful Ideas?

I am going to try it tonight using the Converter directly on the Physical Machine and just run the "Convert to Virtual".


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Any helpful Ideas about Physical Machine into Virtual


Hallo Nickol,

Did you already try out using the converter directly on the physical memory, and if so what was the response? In case you did not manage then I will suggest that you try using an application called the VMware converter and use it to convert the physical memory to virtual memory.

Once you have downloaded it, you will run it, and then you will be directed to the VMware converter:

VMware converter installation wizard

Just follow the steps as guided by the installation wizard, until the installation finishes and then run VMware for you to be able to convert the physical memory for virtual memory.

Hope this helps.

Mahesh Babu

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