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I have read a lot of positive feedback about this antivirus, PandaCloud Antivirus. They say its great ,so I decided to switch, and I installed it yesterday. Everything was going smooth without encountering any problems during the installation. I cannot wait to try it out ,so I did a quick scan of my computer.

But after the scan was complete, an error message suddenly appeared. See the image.

I clicked the link and was redirected on their support forum. I was relieved that there was a solution for it. 

So I followed the instructions carefully, but after that I still got the same error!

Anyone out there who knows how to fix this problem?

Unexpected error
Unexpected error. Error code 1.
If you want to help us improve, send us a suggestion
with information about this error and how it occurred


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If you’re having Error code 1 problem with Panda Cloud Antivirus you can help troubleshoot it by enabling exceptions and having Panda Cloud Antivirus create minidumps when it runs into a problem.

You can enable exceptions easily by creating the following registry key:
   Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
   [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPanda SecurityPanda Service HostExceptions]

For those less familiar with manipulating the Windows Registry you can simply download and execute the following Exceptions.reg file which will automatically make the change in the Registry for you:
Enable Exceptions

Once enabled, any exception caught will be shown to you in popup windows similar to the following ones:

If this happens, you can find the minidump in the following locations:

  • XP: c:documents and settings all users Program data panda security panda cloud antivirus
  • Vista: c:program datapanda securitypanda cloud antivirus

Simply compress (in a ZIP or similar) the minidump and send it to panda cloud antivirus. They have enabled an FTP account where these can be uploaded to.
FTP Server:
Username: betatester
Password: d8PvVVdTQzWv

Hope this information helps you to solve.

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According to the error, Panda Antivirus is still on beta version. That means it is not stable yet. The best option is to install the latest one. Download from here.

In order to help developers to improve this software, download and add these registry values. Unzip the file and run the REG file.

Then, follow the steps described in this Panda Antivirus Blog.

Ruby Islam

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Hello KevinVy

You can check out another Techyv post because that post is also described well about this problem. Go that post and enrich your knowledge to fix this issue by getting more technique.

Unexpected Error: Error Code 1 on Panda Cloud